Donald Trump on Possible White House Run: The Country Needs Me!

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Donald Trump recently sat down with CNN's Candy Crowley about his possible 2012 presidential run and why the country needs him. Some highlights:

  • He has a common sense mentality.
  • He "stirs the pot" because he tells it like it is.
  • He has name recognition because of SUCCESS.
  • Mitt Romney is basically a "small business guy."
  • The Trump Organization is BIG, strong and more powerful than you KNOW.
  • He has an ability to build HUGE NET WORTH and will put that to use for US!

What do you think? Should Trump run?


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Can you see President Trump telling Ahmadinejad or Kim "You're Fired?" Can you see America go WHOOOSSH as the nuclear warheads annihilate this country thanks to irate dictators and idiotic birthers? So much for entertainment value.


Let me help ya with a wicked speech..that would turn the nation on..and git ya there..but dam it...stick 2 the good sh$% that's in it feel like our nation is walking with a cane..we need to continue to get better...the people of our nation are longing to thrive..ya know the president only a million a year..that's not a whole lot..ta change what needs ta be changed..I'm also wondering how much Donald has done for charity..has he try and do what can for others..a humanitarian is what we yur ass on dat 1..juss a small buisness owner tryin to make it....


Donald Trump sells himself as a smart, common-sense business man, still he raises unnecessary controversy trying to drag Obama in the mud with his "birther" comments. I find this a little unsettling. There's something to be said for diplomacy, after all. It seems to be a concept quite outside Mr Trump's grasp.


Stuart, Perhaps you should give some facts and figures before launching into ad hominem attacks over a lighthearted comment. Just because someone doesn't see the world in the same way you do doesn't necessitate ignorance nor fear. The world is full of people who will not see things from your point of view but who are good, decent people. Every president does good and every president makes mistakes. And it's ok to disagree.


And the decline into oligarchy is complete...


Sunny Sarah,if you think having Donald Trump for a President would be awesome and a fun race, I seriously hope you don't vote. People such as yourself have no clue as to what this man represents and he is such a joke and delusional to say the least. You scare me.


When I first heard that Donald might be running for office I thought it would be such a joke. But he is just all kinds of awesome. It'll be a fun race and I hope he goes all the way.