Donald Trump Wants to See Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, Whoopi Goldberg Calls Him a Moron

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We knew he loved fame, money, himself, and bloviating about everything under the sun. But who knew Donald Trump was a complete buffoon?

Swaggering onto The View today to promote The Celebrity Apprentice, Trump, who's pondering a White House run, also brought up a political issue.

One that landed him in hot water with Whoopi Goldberg.

Of President Obama, who he thinks he can beat, Trump asks: “Why doesn’t he show his birth certificate? I want him to show his birth certificate!”

“There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like,” said Trump, defying all intelligence (here's Obama's birth certificate, idiot).

He pointed to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and said, “Look, she’s smiling!” She was, perhaps because she anticipated Whoopi's reply, which was:

“Donald, I think that’s the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages! It’s not because he’s black, is it?” Trump denied that it was, but ...

“Because I’ve never heard a white president being asked to show his birth certificate. That’s B.S.” said Goldberg vehemently, and truthfully.

Trump admitted that Obama "probably" is a citizen but insists he should prove it because "no one" remembers him from when he was a kid. Really.

What do you think? Is Obama a natural-born U.S. citizen?


Who cares wher he was born? America has the best presidennt it ever has. This brother takin care of business bigtime.


Trump is looking for some way to tag Obama's Presidency as illegal so that anything Obama signs can be be reversed. This makes me wonder what shady deal Trump had going that was cock-blocked by an Obama signature.


trump is not racist he is simply using his rights as a american citizen. obama was elected on terms of race. 90 to 95 percent of the african american population voted for obama. what does that tell you? who rasict now? so stop with this the white man is racist b.s. obama isnt doing anything for this country so somebody had to step up to the plate. i hope those 90 to 95 percent that voted for him feel like donkeys when this country falls to its knees


Whoopee never see's any thing unless it is in her opinion. What a nit wit. Give them hell Trump. A lot of us out here are with you.


donald should contact me regarding corrupt politicians and government in hawaii, and why i believe they are stealing money and backing obama in his birth certificate story!


The True Racists are screaming Racism about everything they can't defend with TRUTH or FACTS. What percent of the Black Population voted for this sad Obamination?... 90-95% hmmm that's not suspicious at all...Pschhh FOOLS !!! Stop crying your Racism you RACIST FOOLS and GET TO THE FACTS and HONOR our CONSTITUTION unlike this Deceptive/Traitor we currently have as a Supposed President. He's hiding behind Rhetoric/Propaganda/Slander/Lawyers and Many OUTRIGHT LIES. I and every Natural Born Citizen has the Constitutional RIGHT to see our Presidents Original LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE !!! There are Many Suspicious things about this Muslim(Said it himself) errr Man. PUT AWAY YOUR RACIST B.S. Open Your Eyes And start examining the FACTS... ALL OF THEM!


GUESS WHAT!...Barack Obama is already the president of the U.S.A. and regardless is some short racisist dink who had a wife get him rich before he started sucking on lemons and selling matresses just wants to be the next Ronald Regan and is trying to make himself feel better for ditching the only person who truly cared is he was even alive-his WIFE. The only thing lower Donnie Turnip can say is "he's a nigger and needs to go and pick cotton" but then he'd be letting the world bluntly know he don't like President Barack Obama simply because he isn't white.


Many Presidents and candidates have been asked about their citizenship including McCain and Bush.




ALL OF YOU BIRTHERS ARE MORANS AND RACISTS!!!! People have been requesting his birth certificate for ages and have been able to get one when they pay for it. The State has gotten many many requests and the state of Hawaii has always proved that he was born there but the moran birthers don't get it - they don't want to. THAT'S JUST IT -- THEY DON'T WANT TO!!!! President George W. Bush was forced upon us by the conservatist judges back on that election. I didn't like it but received it and supported the president because in the end that's what we're suppose to do as human beings and most of all fellow americans.

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