Lindsay Lohan Seriously Considering Plea Deal, Jail

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Gasp. Did Lindsay Lohan finally read the writing on the wall?

Sources say she is finally getting it through her air-filled head that one way or the next, she'll end up behind bars following her grand theft arrest.

As a result, she is "seriously considering" taking the plea deal that would send her to jail, but for a relatively short stint if she can behave herself.

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Judge Keith Schwartz has offered LiLo a deal for her alleged necklace heist.

Three months is the offer. That could be pared down to a measly 19 days because of good behavior, the non-violent nature of the crime and overcrowding.

Yet Lindsay has been adamant for weeks she would never take a plea deal because she feels she did nothing wrong, and maintains her innocence even now.

Maybe she is innocent, but it doesn't matter. The reality is that the girl has made a mockery of her probation for so long that she's going down either way.

If were to go to trial and lose, or be jailed for a probation violation, she could end up at a hard-ass state prison, too, not a minimum security country club.

Basically, the plea deal sounds better and better. Lindsay will be back in court Friday to either take the relative bargain or declare a pointless legal war.

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My question... Charlie Sheen has publicly confessed to his use of hard drugs. Yet he has faced no action by the legal system. What is the difference between his much more severe actions and those of Lohan? Yet she is the media and legal systems Poster Child of an individual who has serious personal devils. Does a #1 TV show carry that much weight?


She's spoiled rotten and thinks she's above the law. The jewelery store says she took it... I would believe them before I would believe Miss Lohan. The young lady is out of control. Let her do some serious time in jail and her life might change in a positive manner. Given that she is mentally competent to do so... R


I believe she should make a deal where she serves x amount of time, and come out free of probation. I have done this myself. I know, I know, I am a bad guy. But I would rather spend a few extra weeks or months, and come out totally free. With good behavior and over crowding she would be out in no time. This would benefit her since she can't seem to follow probation instructions and then she just needs to finish drunk classes. I want to know why she was so stupid as to not finish the classes as soon as possible instead of taking so long to finish them and not get off probation sooner. Any other person would have been put back in jail just for not finishing them in a timely fashion.


"plea", obviously . This junk needs an editor.


So Britney... What you've really just said is that if someone accused you of stealing something when you didn't, you'd just quickly, and easily let them think you were guilty by accepting a pea deal... Right? Is it possible your head is also filled with air too?


she'll be in isoloation anyways so it's not like she's going to learn anything! maybe she'll "read the bible" like paris hilton did!


I think lohan should go to jail.. if it was someone else they would be sent to jail & not get porbation or a plea bargin. send the lil rich bit** to jail.. she is no better than anyone else!


Talk no more so exceeding proudly ; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth : for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. The bows of the mighty men are broken, and they that stumbled are girded with strength. ISamuel 2:3,4


It's so sad. But maybe we shud stop judging ppl, just in case we get judged with the swiftness we are quick to attack her with. She needs help and these stories only serve to sell papers not to help someone in need.


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