Lindsay Lohan: Bound For State Prison or Minimum Security Country Club?

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We've passed the point of debating whether Lindsay Lohan will do time. Barring some miracle, she will. It's just a matter of where and how long.

Judge Keith Schwartz has offered her 60-90 days in jail (of which she'd serve 20-30) if the troubled star enters a guilty plea to felony grand theft.

Yet Lohan still balks. Too bad LiLo's probation report is so bad, it's going to land her in the can even if she is innocent of stealing that necklace.

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Another reason she should really get her head out of her a$$ and take the deal? The sentencing process. State prison and county jail are different things.

State prison is not a foregone conclusion, as the D.A. could ask the judge to send Lindsay to a more "comfortable" location instead. But it's on the table.

Regardless, Lindsay will go to jail sometime if the judge orders her to stand trial at the conclusion of the preliminary hearing, currently set for April 21.

If she insists on refusing a plea deal and insists on going to trial, she will serve some time for violating probation, whether she's found guilty or not.

Everyone but Lohan herself seems to realize this. Says a source:

“Judge Schwartz has told Lindsay that he would sentence her to 60-90 days, if she accepted a plea deal, which she would serve in county jail.”

Lindsay must notify Judge Schwartz by March 23 if she is planning on taking the deal, if she does she will then appear in front of him March 25.

If she does not accept the plea deal she will have her case transferred and appear on April 21 for a preliminary hearing before a new judge.

Girl's toast either way. Might as well go down easy and not hard.

What's your take on her current grand theft case?

Should Lindsay go back to jail?

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Lindsay. She need GOD on her side. She need to pray


Apparently resident retard Lori Marie in comments is so illiterate she can't read, and just assumes Lindsay is guilty because she is likely a flat chested, ugly, pre teen bitch. She has the nerve to steal? Maybe she didn't 1/2 wit. Why did the publicity seeking jewelry store say she stuffed the necklace in her purse, but then later change their story when police demanded the video? Why did they sell the video which was for court evidence for $40,000? Obviously for publicity and money. There is no 100% proof that she did anything at this point. Sounds like you need to lay off huffing glue bags Lori.


this is nice figure


SHE IS SOOOOOOO STUPID. I MEAN SHE KNOWS SHES ON PROBATION AND THEN SHE HAS THE NERVE TO GO STEAL? SHE NEEDS MENTAL HEALTH BECAUSE SHE OBVIOSLY HAS NO BRAINS. Maybe the drugs did that to her??? i mean if you get burnt and you know it hurts and you put your hand back in the fire, your gonna get burnt again. So why steal. I mean numba 1 shes on probation and she goes into a shopping store and steals a expensive necklace? she knows its wrong so why would she do it? and ummmm... isnt she rich? why didnt she just pay for the damn necklace. with all her money she made from porn and playboy and movies and shit. Or maybe Im wrong. The bitches brains are fried from all them drugs she be takin. I actually dont feel sorry for her. SHE IS 24. She knows the law. and if she doesnt she needs to read up on it. BITCH NEEDS TO STOP LUNCHIN


she's gonna get her butt kicked in prison! lolz


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