Joe Giudice: Arrested. Again.

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Joe Giudice is in trouble with the law yet again.

The Bravo reality star, who was busted for DUI last year and also booked for a number of outstanding warrants, was arrested on Friday for obtaining a phony driver's license. The assistant prosecutor of New Jersey says Joe used his brother's ID to secure a license because his had been suspended due to the drunk driving incident.

If convicted, he could face time in prison.

Teresa Giudice, Husband

Where was Teresa when all this went down?

At an appearance in the Poconos, where she Tweeted hours after her husband's arrest: "Hanging out with my honey at Mt Airy Casino. Just finished dinner now we are going to check out the scene."


I am sick to death of the ego-driven housewives all indulging themselves with phony businesses, obviously contract-promised by BRAVO. Caroline giving advice after raising kids by keeping them tied to her strings (AND accompanying them on Patty's show to 'find' them a girlfriend of Caroline's choosing); Teresa's skinny recipes? Have you seen the 'walking from behind' with those wide hips and bow-legs? Probably the most sane (just a little) one of all is Jacqueline; then again she doesn't stand a chance under Caroline's thumb. My last season to watch the housewives; I can see insane people in other places. LEECHES they all are....DON'T impose them on us with BRAVO-awarded careers...!!!!!


Bankrupt people hang out in casinos, really? Being poor isn't as bad as being stupid, but I'd rather be poor than stupid. I've never been either, but given the choice, I'd rather be poor because at least there is a remedy for that in this country. I'm not sure that stupidity is so easily curable. These people are seemingly always doing something totally stupid. It's always new issue involving stupidity with these attention whores.


He wasn't thinking. He could have paid someone to drive him around. I think these are Federal charges-definitely not worth it!

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