Joe Giudice: Busted for DUI

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Forget The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Meet The Real Moronic Househusband of... New Jersey.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Joe Giudice, who is married to reality TV's favorite table-thrower Teresa Giudice, crashed his car early this morning and now finds himself in trouble with two different police departments.

Captain Ed Rosellini of the Montville Township Police told E! News the accident took place around 1:45 a.m. and:

"It was a motor vehicle accident, and he was taken to the hospital. Officers believed he had a drink and he was then tested for alcohol and charged accordingly."

Giudice was taken to the Morristown Memorial Hospital. After a blood sample was taken, he was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, careless driving, and failure to maintain a traffic lane.

But that's not all!

The incident tipped off the nearby Clifton Police Department, which proceeded to arrest Joe on an outstanding warrant for a number of city ordinance violations. He posted $2,625, got out of jail around 6 a.m. and headed home... to face the wrath of his four children and insane wife.

Good luck, buddy!


I never liked the Giudices' from day one on RHONJ but now I loath them. I think drunk driving is possibly one of the worst things you can do, espically considering it usually hurts the innocent and not the drunk a$$ who chose to get behind the wheel. Thankfully in this situation that was not the case BUT listening to Joe try to explain his way out of it instead of admitting he made a HUGE mistake just added insult to injury. Who actually belives that after running his truck off the road and into a pole at 2am would then down 3-4 shots of scotch??? Maybe that would happen if they were already drunk and an alcoholic. Just the fact that he would even try to excuse his behavior or make up a lie to explain it away is disgusting and unforgivable. Obviously both parents are horrible role models, we can only hope their children learn from their parents very public mistakes.


Why do these women all talk like Fran Dresher (the Nanny)?
Is it for real? The "men" don't tulk like dat.


Obviously Danielle has registered on this site and was the first to speak out about this topic. You are just jealous because you will never be able to live like them or have a family bond as great as theirs. Grow up and go find another rich man to sponge off of. Maybe if you're not all dried up yet Danzilla square boobs, you can trap another man by having another accident child.


You would drink too if you were saddled with that moron of a wife. Big mouth, big hair low-life from Paterson. She, along with the rest of the Franklin Lakes dames, do NOT represent NJ. Anyone notice the amount of cash these floozies throw around? Hmmmmm. One of the husbands refuses to be seen in the series - wonder why? These women are wanna-bees when it comes to class and refined behavior.

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