Crystal Harris: Cheating on Hugh Hefner With Jordan McGraw?

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Is Crystal Harris cheating on fiance Hugh Hefner with Jordan McGraw, son of that blowhard Dr. Phil? What could possibly trigger such a ridiculous rumor?

The fact that she's 24 and Hugh is 84, possibly? Just an idea.

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Reports say the lovebirds (Crystal and Jordan) were cozy at the Chateau Marmont in LA on March 14 and that she's "trying to keep the romance low-key."

Too bad "Jordan didn't hide his affections, kissing her shoulder and trying to hold Crystal Harris' hand - still adorned with a 6-carat engagement ring."

Jordan McGraw is the younger of that bloviating windbag Dr. Phil's two sons. The older one, Jay, is married to Playboy model Erica Dahm, interestingly.

But anyway. Jordan and Crystal "are sneaking around because Crystal is supposed to be happily engaged to Hef," a source tells Life & Style.

"Going out in public with Jordan would tarnish Hef and Crystal's image."

We don't really see how. She's obviously going not dating Hef for his virility. Just putting that out there. Will they even make it to the altar?

June 18 is the wedding date. A Playboy representative says Jordan and Crystal's relationship is strictly business ... the business of BONING!

Just kidding. Well, probably. Really we wouldn't be surprised either way.


I think she is fucking him foe his money cuz she split it ip when she said she didn't want the wedding just 4 days before the wedding


Very strange girl. Went from dating an old man to what appears to be a teenaged kid.


White trash at its finest. She will nab another McGraw boy for the money....


Jordan email me


Jordan can u be my boy friend come see me at 511 Richmond avenue Burlington nc 27217 remember you came and seen me at rha love lauren


i think she is a lying whore who is most def cheating on him i still think he should of stayed wit holly but i love watchin her show and i cant stand jayde nicol she is such a phony skank she sucked on the hills and she sucks now she is just jealous cause holly has her own show nad she dont so she put a front on camera just to get air play


Dr. Phil is a hypocrite! His first son married a Playboy model. Now this one is not only having an "affair" with an engaged woman, but she's a Playboy model as well. And he is obviously having sex with her. Dr. Phil always claims he raised his kids in a "God Centered Home", well, "this ain't my first redeo" either, Dr. Phil, and
"your kids are commmiting a whole lotta sinnin'"


Well if she wants a good lay than go for it cuz Heff is only good for money and publicity.


Dr. Phil's boys love the trashy porn girls! His eldest son married a Playmate of the Jordan is with a Playboy model. Funny...Dr. Phil insists his Daughter in law and mother of his granddaughter is a model - true, a model that models nude in a soft PORN magazine!


i knew the marriage wouldn't work because hes an old man who wants to get marry an old man when i heard that on enews i was laughting so hard it show you its not about money.

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