50 Cent Muses on Chelsea Handler

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We know that he's been in bed with Chelsea Handler, but the true nature of 50 Cent's relationship with the comedienne has never been clearly defined.

Are they dating? Were they dating? Were they just friends? Did he wanna be more than just friends only to be shot down? It's all very unclear.

In a recent interview with Vibe, Fiddy sort of clarified things. Okay, not at all. But he does admit that Chelsea Handler is a pretty awesome gal.

Is it love? Friendship? Whatever it is, 50's got a thing for her.

"Chelsea is confident. I think confidence is the sexiest thing about a person," the rapper tells the publication. "[Chelsea's] the kind of person that if you're blessed with the opportunity to hang out with her, you'll enjoy it."

"I'm not sure you'll look at her and actually want to jump over the table and f--k her, but you might. You'd leave after talking with her feeling that she is a cool person."

SO, in summation, you might wanna bend Chelsea Handler over a household appliance, you might not. But either way, she's pretty cool.

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I'm sorry but she's just gross. Looks like pure white trash to me. I don't care how cool he thinks she is, she's still nasty as all hell - Yuk. And NO, I am not jealous. I will post my pic any day, any time.


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