Michael Lohan: Kate Major is Insane!

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Michael Lohan was arrested and hospitalized the other night following an alleged act of domestic violence against his former girlfriend/fiancee, Kate Major.

Not surprisingly, MiLo tells a different story of events than Kate Major told police, and vows to press charges against his ex, who he claims came at him.

Lindsay's dad says he is meeting with the cops and wants Kate charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault and trespassing.

He was charged today with domestic violence, but vows to clear his name.

Kate Major, Michael Lohan

“I asked to press charges on her. Look, I’m the one who got cut, I’m the one that was bleeding!" Michael told Radar Online. “I’m going to press charges.”

“I have to see what's missing and have her charged with robbery," he said.

And that's not all: “I want to also have her charged with assault with a deadly weapon - she cut me with something - domestic assault and trespassing."

MiLo was originally nailed for three felonies: preventing the report of the victimization, false imprisonment and inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant.

After complaining of chest pains he was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where he remained under arrest, closely guarded by police officers.

He was released late last night and issued a citation, his lawyer says.

As for what prompted their squabble, which went down after Kate returned to the W. Hollywood apartment she used to share with Michael Lohan?

“She [Major] was drunk again,” Lohan claims.

"Actually, Dr. Drew and the people at Celebrity Rehab did an intervention when she came on the set drunk one day and she was banned after that.”

“When my lawyer gets to court and proves that she lied then I’ll be vindicated and then she’ll be charged for false reports and I’ll sue her civilly.”

"One of the main reasons I went [to Celebrity Rehab] is actually stay away from people like her - but from here on in there’s no Kates in my life!"

“She belongs in an asylum…she’s crazy ... and I’m even crazier for falling for all her ploys and lies,” he said. "She can’t keep doing this.”

MiLo says please, whatever you do, don't judge the Lohan name: “In the future, everyone should just take everything with a grain on salt."

"The Lohan name, once it’s involved in anything is going to be a negative connotation and it’s not fair that we get arrested and these kinds of things happen without an investigation and now that they’ve investigated thank God justice can prevail.”

Kate Major's response?

"I wish he'd shut up and go to jail. The heart issues get old and he's obviously strong enough to hit a woman but not a man. Everything he said is a lie or a vindictive threat. He lies to his family and myself."


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