Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent: In Bed!

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Chelsea Handler hearts 50 Cent like she hates Angelina Jolie. If she and the rapper aren't dating, which she insists, then they're definitely close friends.

Like roll-around-in-bed-cuddling kind of close friends. It's great.

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Here's the comedienne sucking on his face, taking a picture, and posting it on Twitter. That's not the way to quelch rumors you're dating 50 Cent ...

Handler put the intimate Twitpic with Fiddy up earlier today with this cryptic tease: "I don't know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper."

Friends with benefits?

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50 be tapin dat. Dnt get ya'l talkin bwt interatial ish, wen u gon stop ur racist bullsh*t. 50 is fucking her whether u like it or not


Comment #8 you are an ignorant racist I hope 50 is hitting that good and you have vivid dreams about the reality that is interacial intercourse hardy har


Disgusting. It aint real


Katie - "All that matters is that THE TWO OF THEM are happy." All one can tell about that picture is that she's happy a camera is filming the two of them in bed. Look at the way her eyes are totally on the camera, and not on him. He on the other hand seems surprised the camera is there and is trying to back away from her while it's there, hence her headlock on him. I feel sorry for him because I think she's using him.


She's a loud-mouthed attention hog, almost as bad as Roseanne or Rosie O'Donnell. I doubt she cares for the guy, but is doing the inter-racial dating thing for publicity.


All that matters is that THE TWO OF THEM are happy. So all the rest of you.... FUCK OFF!! ..Have a nice day bitches..


Its not her fault because he sooo so handsome and sexy


i don't blame her he is sooo sexy


The 2010 poster for Beauty and the Beast. Sorry Chelsea!!


Just another misguided white woman destroying her family lineage by interracial meddling.......... GOOD JOB MTV!! Soon we will all be mutts.....
People ( MUTTS) with no ethnic identity are easier to control...

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