Gary Shirley Vows to Lose 100 Pounds

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A hundred pounds.

That's how overweight Gary Shirley of Teen Mom baby daddy fame is. And the pride of Anderson, Ind., vows that extra weight will come off. All of it.

Hey, you gotta aim high, and Gary has already dropped eight since he decided to start working out with a trainer two weeks ago. Just 92 to go man!

Big Daddy

FIT FREAK: Gary Shirley is determined to become one. [Photo: Fame]

He's been working with Rodney Razor at Stay Fit 24 gym in his hometown. Currently weighing in at 320 lbs, Gary says he's going to cut that back to 220.

Gary's workout consists of intense cardio, treadmill and elliptical exercises, and weight training ... or as it's also known to fitness experts, "exercise."

His trainer also recommends a low-carb diet, stressing a healthy breakfast and eating every 3-4 hours, otherwise known to professionals as "diet."

"I definitely want to see him lose and I’ll do everything in my power to see it happen, but it just takes commitment on his part," the trainer said.

If his relationship with Amber Portwood is any indication, it's an uphill climb.


220 ain't over weight unless ur short. That guy is probably 6 feet 220 is a perfect weight for him to aim for. An if u think 220 is fat ur probably also bulimic


How will his daughter breastfeed if he gets rid of those massive manboobs?


Good for you gary! This guy needs a boost of confidence!


Damn!!!!220 is STILL overweight!!!


Saying something and actually doing it are two two totally different things.


Regardless of the reasons why he is doing it (extending his 15 min, money, ect) I'm glad he is taking steps to get healthy. Good for him. I hope he doesn't pull a K-Fed; loose the weight only to gain it right back

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