Fergie on Christina Aguilera: Peeps Get Nervous!

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Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie was quick to come to Christina Aguilera's defense after she botched the national anthem yesterday before the Super Bowl.

On the Dan Patrick Show this morning, Fergie admitted the Black Eyed Peas halftime show effort was also sub-par, then defended the embattled Aguilera.

Claiming she's "human" and people make mistakes, especially given this once in a lifetime opportunity, she chalked the Star Spangled Bungle up to nerves.

Some might chalk it up to Christina's obvious drinking problem, but as always, Ferg was more diplomatic. Here's a portion of her interview ...


to The Captain, Fergie DID say her performance was poor. I do know Paul McCartney's performance a few years back was quite good so there was at least one excellent performance at a super bowl!


I agree with RJB!! She's a professional and gets payed she wasn't volunteering!


I understand that they are humans but they are also "professional" singers who got paid a very large sum of money to perform and to not make mistakes. Christina has been singing the Star Spangled Banner for years so for her to mess up was only shocking to people who don't know that she has a drinking problem. PS - The Super Bowl half time show has always pretty much been a time to either switch the channel or go get some food. Nobody ever remembers any individual performance (with exception to Janet Jackson/ Justin Timberfake).


I agree with Team Me. Bc that shit is true! Everyone is a critic.


i wish lea michele would have pulled a rachel berry and slushied both of them and taken over the halftime show completely...it would have made things a little more "Gleeful" so to say


Why I enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas outfits & all the glowing extras, Fergie's voice & performance ruined it. She sounded horrible & her singing with Slash was embarrassing.


i have to agree with aj edwards here .... she has done this song before when she was a little girl and she nailed and now all of the sudden she can't come ppl give me a break here this woman has some serious fuckin' issues i think she just needs to take a step back and get help or something as for fergie what in the hell u sit there and do a HORRIBLE rendition of sweet child o' mine u killed tht song i swear my ears were bleeding and then the black eyed peas have the nerve to mess with one of the best songs on dirty dancing wow what is the music industry coming too i mean really now granted there are some good artists out there but let's get real here ok this is just another case of making excuses for a celebrity bc ppl like them yes celebs are ppl to but jesus u got into the business and u can't just act like ur above the law or u can't act like ur better than someone just bc u have millions and u r a good singer i like christina she's a good singer but get some help plz if u need it


These people are used to big audiences. Thank goodness it is only a once in a lifetime thing. Why do we insist on letting entertainers sing the national anthem when there voice is not suited for it. The Chicago Bears had it correct when they insisted on their guy singing it at the Confereence Championship rather than some one whose voice is not suited from American Idol.


Fergie should sympathize. Her own performance sucked. The Black Eyed Peas sucked. And being nervous is one thing, forgetting the lines to the one song you have to sing,especially the National Anthem,is unforgiveable. Thank goodness the game was a good one; otherwise, the entertainment was bad.


I agree with Team Me....bcz well its true....

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