Giacinto "Gino" Paoletti: Dating Bristol Palin!

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Giacinto “Gino” Paoletti is Bristol Palin's new boyfriend.

Not only that, but Gino, a former high school classmate, is the ex of Levi Johnston's sister, Mercede Johnston! Hey, it's Alaska. Not a lot of options around.

Bristol Palin, Nude Tripp Johnston

"She may have everyone else fooled, but Bristol gets around," Mercede told Star in an exclusive interview, totes outing Palin's mysterious new boyfriend.

This is Bristol's new BF Gino Paoletti. That's her ex-fiance's sister. Crazy!

"They would hook up, but they never officially dated until now," Mercede Johnston explains of her nephew's mom, with whom she's apparently not close.

In January, Bristol, along with Tripp, her 2-year-old son with Levi Johnston, moved into a five-bedroom pad in Maricopa, Ariz. Gino now calls it home, too.

Bristol Palin might want to reconsider playing house, warns Mercede: “I got to know the real Gino, and that wasn’t pleasant," she says, ominously.

Maybe the next time we report in this strange, quasi-incestuous love story, Gino Paoletti will be running for Deputy Mayor of Wasilla on Levi's ticket.

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