Does Christina Aguilera Require Rehab?

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To friends of Christina Aguilera, her national anthem mishap at last night's Super Bowl wasn't a case of nerves.

It was just the latest example of a human being in desperate need of help.

Aguilera has had a rough yer. Her latest studio album tanked; reviews for Burlesque were less than kind; she divorced Jordan Bratman in the fall of 2010 and quickly started up with Matthew Rutler, someone her associates believe is a shady rebound.

Since then, racy photos of the artist were leaked online and sources say she passed out in Jeremy Renner's bedroom at the actor's 40th birthday party.

"Christina's drinking has some of her friends worried," an insider tells In Touch Weekly. "She seems to be getting out of control, and her friends want her to get PROFESSIONAL help. The past few weeks, her partying has escalated."

That was not the case at the Super Bowl, however. Witnesses say Aguilera hung around for the beginning of the contest, but quickly left for the airport, skipping all post-game events and looking "visibly upset" over her lyrical mistake.

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F*** you Null, your just a hater, thats why your saying all of those bad things about my girl Christina, Don't listen to these losers chris your the best and you know it, love you xoxo!


I loved Burlesque, it was a great movie and she did an amazing job playing in it, her acting was good, as for her acting out, she's going through a divorce guys she's depressed leave her alone, how would you be if you were going through a divorce with a man that you had a child with, and you guys loved eachother for years and thought you'll be with that man forever, she's depressed and that's the way she feel heartbroken and lost, give her some time she'll get over it and get better on her own terms. I love you Christina A. you are beautiful, talented, and because your famous people wont leave you alone, fuck them, I believe in you, I know you'll get better I have faith in you @-----


Christina just need time for herself after her marriage ended she is just going through things like everyone else.Everybody needs to cut her a break before she really have a nervous breakdown. We need to pray for her.


Oh and she needs more than just our prayer too! I don't think that will help her solve her issues.


What's the big deal??? Let's see she is a professional entertainer who got payed to sing so sing it RIGHT!!!


i like christina.she just need to slow down a little.get some rest are beautiful and talented,don't waste yourself.we love you


My goodness, whoopi dooo, she forgot her lyrics, SO WHAT!!! These stars work so hard, they get stresed out. Who will cast the first stone? Thanks!


people need to just stop judging her and realize that hey she is going through alot right now and all these comments and shit talking doesnt help. if her friends are worried instead of putting her shit on blast they should go to her personally.


@Ron: So because she accidentally messed up the lyrics to the star spangled banner, she's automatically an arrogant tramp? Harsh. Some people are so judgmental.


well i think christina aguilera needs to slow down before she get's herself hurt or worse and she also needs to stop drinking it is not a good look on her career or her view of a role of a mother she needs tone it down and atay positive and busy i wish her the best .