Todd Palin: Cleared in Massage Parlor Probe

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Todd Palin, the husband of Sarah Palin, was accused last week of having an affair with Shailey Tripp, a massage therapist recently busted for prostitution.


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    Did Marcus Lamb bang my mom?

    Nah just another lie passed on from you Sweetheart.
    Grow up, join the real world.
    Your obsession with Mrs Palin is unhealthy. Won't any girls in your area date you? I can see your point, no, why would they.
    I suppose in your child man world all women have a useful purpose to serve you.
    What happened? Mom drop you on your head or mad she give you up for adoption?
    What a puke of a man you have shown us you are.


    Bob CREEPY are the people who BELIEVE these sickening character assassinations against the Palins. It was a hit job, nothing more. Most of these antiPalin bozo's at this site would be outraged if lies were written about them. One cannot expect ANYTHING from the me, me, me, I, I, I, Libs to understand it. Morals/ethics are beneath them. To them, ignorance is bliss.


    In fact Shailey Tripp was cleared of any wrong doing and on Malia Litman's website, it is clear the Anchorage Polic Department issued a fasle statement in regards to this matter.


    I hate Palin with all my energy, but I will say this. APD would love to be the police department that feeds into rumors. So, if they say nothing at this point, I hate to say it, I trust them. They are one of the worst departments in the world I think. They are so fast to put false reports made against people in the news. Give it up. Who says the NI reports truth? As far back as I remember everyone knows that the only truth from them was the John Edwards.


    There are people who would believe it if Sarah or Todd Palin were accused in the assassination of JFK. These people never admit when they're wrong, never quit repeating the rumors even when they are clearly unfounded and never go away. They are pitiful.


    "i bet sarah palin used her "soverign power" to APD"

    I doubt it Big Bear, because that would be just another thing the Enquirer would try to dig up to write about.


    You don't have to like Palin to understand that there's a group of werid people making these stories up in her home state....

    It's sort of creepy to tell you the truth.


    Psh ya right... Todd got his 'happy ending' & hopefully the rest of the world will get a happy ending by sarah disappearing!


    Nobody ever really believed that nonsense about Todd. Left-wing bloggers wanted it to be true. Nobody cheats on Sarah Palin.

    The only nonsense is believing that "Nobody cheats on Sarah Palin"...Todd isn't "Nobody"...he is her Husband. Stay tuned's gonna be a bumpy ride :)


    Did Marcus Lamb bang my mom?

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