Rielle Hunter Wants to Marry John Edwards Now

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As friends and family mourning the death of Elizabeth Edwards, one celebrity news site waited a whole 12 hours before working the Rielle Hunter angle.

The infamous mistress of John Edwards hopes she and the former Democratic presidential candidate can get married now, according to Radar Online.

A source close to Rielle Hunter says she "has been very patient" and "believes that John is her soul mate, and thinks they are going to get married."

Rielle Hunter in GQ

Rielle Hunter in her bizarre GQ photo spread earlier this year.

To those who applauded her courage in dealing with John, who cheated on her and knocked up Rielle while Elizabeth battled cancer, this won't go over well.

At the time of Elizabeth Edwards' death, she was estranged from John. Radar's source revealed that Hunter has been closely watching Elizabeth's situation.

"She doesn't care about anyone but herself. She's been selfish and horrible this whole time, no matter what else has been said about her," the source said.

THG NOTE: That's pretty much all we've said about her.

Hunter currently lives in a home paid for by John Edwards. She lives there with their young daughter Quinn, the child John adamantly denied was his.

The National Enquirer busted him visiting Rielle and Quinn in a Beverly Hills hotel in 2008, after he lost the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama.

As for how Rielle will respond publicly to the news that Elizabeth has passed away, the source said they doubted what she said would be heartfelt.

She never expressed regret for her role in the scandal, even denying she was a home wrecker and basically blaming Elizabeth for John straying.

Basically, don't expect a lot of sympathy now. "She will say some nice things about Elizabeth, but only if it makes her look good," the source said.

How Rielle Hunter could possibly look good, we don't know.


Are u people really so sick that they think they john had only elIshabeth monster past 40y??
And that rielle broke some love story??
No. The marriage was one of thease fake marriages that's all with mistreases that are still common with wealty people. This is not 1700 century. Johns fault that he did not divorce before all this hell started...


Elishabet and john shoUld have divorced 20y ago and not continued bs marriage.
Why d john need to suffer with that Elisabeth monster?
Wake up people and look why your own husband are fucking.


Rielle Hunter is a ****. I hope God will give justice for Elizabeth and her kids.


Felicia how can you say he didnt want to have a child with the blob of excrament??? He knows if it doesnt stay in his pants he alone is responsible for what "comes" of it. Even most teenagers know how babys happen. DDDDuuuuhhhhh????? How could he expect to be forgiven anyway? And does he really care if he's not? All lies???


If most everyone in this article stated Hunter and John shouldn't/won't be together, that should be good enough advice for Hunter to take. John first responsibility is to finish raising the two youngest children; Hunter wants John only and doesn't want the rest of the package. She will be miserable if she thinks otherwise; plus his kids can kick her out of that house John owns if she isn't careful.Also if John ran around on his wife Elizabeth who he dearly loved, he will cheat/run around on Hunter also!


John Edwards you made a commitment to your beautiful wife some 33 years ago and for the likes of someone like that woman if you can even call her a woman is beyond me. You will live with this until you die but to have this legacy for your children is a poor excuse for a father. When I saw the interview on Oprah it was apparent that she was in this for herself and it was not about your John Edwards. What she is after is status not you and if you believe she is in love with you then something is wrong with you for sure. What a poor excuse for someone that belongs to the male gender and for your information you are not a man. Lot of men believe that because they have a penis it makes you a man but no. It is coming back to you sooner than you think, I think it already have.


rielle hope you are proud of yourself now


All of you who are criticizing Rielle have no idea what you're talking about. John should have divorced Elizabeth years ago so they both could have moved on without receiving such negative media attention. What always struck me as odd what the way Elizabeth responded to the cheating. She always said how finding out about the affair & particulars about it made her sick, even made her throw up. But she never once said how much she was in love with John and that's why it hurt. Elizabeth did much good for humanity and for that she'll always be admired, but she's gone now. It's time for everyone to let these families move on with their lives, and to stop judging John and Rielle.


I feel for the children of John and Elizabeth Edwards... they have had to bury their mother, who even after her death is referred to by some as a b*&%~# and then there is John Edwards.. a man who publicly humiliated his dying wife and his illegitimate baby daughter (by denying he was her father). So for those of you who had a problem with Elizabeth Edwards whatever you THINK she may have done on this Earth, what was done to her by John and Rielle was cruel,hateful and just disgusting. I pray that God has given Elizabeth peace and that The Almighty blesses her children with wisdom, strength, honor, integrity and grace.


Rielle Hunter is definitely a step down - many steps - from Elizabeth Edwards. Rielle Hunter: You lack integrity, maturity, and class. It is unfortunate for society, and for your child, that you are a mother. Look at the legacy Elizabeth Edwards left her children. Now look at the legacy you have created for yourself. You are probably not evolved enough to recognize the differences and they are certainly not in your or your child's favor. Wake up - John Edwards used you b/c you were easy and you fed his pathetic ego. But that's really all you can offer the world isn't it?

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