Shailey Tripp: Todd Palin Mistress, Prostitute?!

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The First Dude implicated in a sex scandal?! Who would have guessed.

The National Enquirer, N.Y. Daily News, Gawker, Yahoo News, Vanity Fair and other sources report that Todd Palin, the husband of Sarah, has been linked to a female massage therapist, Shailey Tripp, who was recently busted for prostitution.

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Police have confiscated physical evidence in Tripp's arrest, according to reports, that could tie Todd Palin to the alleged extramarital affair.

TRIPPED UP: Will this story have an unhappy ending for the First Dude?

Hilariously, reports suggest that Shailey Tripp contributed free massages to an anonymous person working for Sarah's campaign for Governor of Alaska.

Reps for the Dude vehemently deny that he cheated on Sarah Palin, but allegations of Toddles' extramarital affair with Tripp first surfaced on January 4.

That's when an anonymous tipster sent out messages to news outlets making the allegation using the address thepalinmorals (at) hotmail (dot) com.

"My sources reveal that a massage therapist and computer technologist, Shailey Tripp, had an affair with Todd Palin that lead (sic) to her arrest March of 2010," claimed the anonymous Deep Throat (har har) via e-mail.

"According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex."

"It was the same tenants who called the police on her."

Shailey Tripp was in fact arrested on March 4 of last year in Anchorage and charged with maintaining a house of prostitution. She pleaded no contest on June 13 of last year with sentencing set for June 15 of this year.

She must complete 80 hours of volunteer service, not post ads on CraigsList and pay a fine of $500. If she meets these conditions, Tripp can withdraw her no contest plea at the sentencing hearing and the case will be dismissed.

So far, there is little evidence of Todd Palin tagging that, but there appears to be at least some loose connection to the First Dude. If there was hanky panky going on, Dude's gonna end up in Sarah's crosshairs map all by his lonesome.

Stay tuned ...


I’m by no means a tea party supporter but I don’t see what the big deal is with people using escorts to satisfy a purely sexual need. Judging by the number of escort review sites and directories there are that receive millions of daily visits like or I wouldn’t be surprised if more than half of American males use escorts.


Where is the update? More to the story than old two tone toad getting laid. Where is the pimp part of the story? Do America a favor and blow this story wide and open. Even though the palins are snowdrift trash, this woman lied her way onto the Vp ticket. One heart beat. The story should be on headline news to put an end to the sociopathic opportunist family of the century.


Lies, you people will believe anything the gossip sources will tell you. there is a word called for it, SHEEP.


WOW! And here all this time I thought he was a total closet case!! To live and be married to someone as ignorant as Sarah Palin there HAS to be something wrong with him! Hell, I'd go to someone else too if going home to her was the alternative!!!


surely you jest Pollyanna? Are you talking about the same Sarah Palin that ran up 150K in wardobe expenses on the campaign trail? Or is that sarcasm?


Sarah Palin is sleeping with Shailey Tripp


So we have a computer expert turn prostitute, a baby that has her name, and an arrest. We have the police saying that someone with no previous record is involved in a prositution ring. We have Sarah saying someone should have just asked and Todd would have told the truth. What is the truth?


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I am not so naive as to think Todd actually slept with Ms Tripp. Men may sleep with their wives but when they are with a prostitute they do something else entirely. The real question then becomes will he continue to sleep with Sarah. Todd will be OK as long as he is the one sighting in the rifles. The secret is whether the point of impact coincides with the cross hairs now isn't it. Sarah has already demonstrated that she will not adjust her aim , just keep pulling the trigger until the gun is empty and only then move on to another gun.

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