Sarah Palin Stalker: She Texted Me First!

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The Sarah Palin stalker wants the world to know he's innocent.

His hilarious, dubious explanation? Sarah texted him first!

Todd and Sarah Palin Picture

The father of 19-year-old Shawn Christy says that back in 2009, his son began receiving "ominous" text messages from an unknown number.

The person sending the texts dropped several hints about her identity, including that she's from Alaska and works in politics ... obviously, it was Sarah Palin.

Why would Palin contact some random guy in Pennsylvania? Shawn's dad couldn't explain that part, but they alerted the FBI about these mystery texts.

The bureau didn't investigate Sarah, instead turning on Shawn, gathering evidence against him to secure the restraining order that he's still under.

Shawn's dad says they've spent thousands fighting the protective order to no avail and have since been forced to declare bankruptcy. Really, guys?

Why do you need the order lifted? Just don't go near Sarah Palin. Is that so hard? Besides, Sarah would just Facebook you anyway. Texts? Come on.


Finishing my above paragraph-- Thus, I'll pray for you very hard, Shawn, really, I will. Because no matter how much you judge certain people, there's always a little voice in the back of your mind saying, you never know that could be you as well. Thus, I don't judge you, Shawn and will definitely pray to God for you daily. And as for Sarah Palin, she really ought to look at herself, sometimes, and see where, at times, just encouraging violent rhetoric, stirring, and antagonizing people can lead. Really, a very stupid, and dangerously consequential game, eventually. If it weren't for limitations, Sarah, we wouldn't need God at all, would we? He's the real, and ultimate boss. These aren't threats at all from me, by the way. No way, just truth, and common sense. Again, grow up, Sarah, please.


Shawn Christy, you damn fool. Everything that has happened within your life is not Sarah Palin and the government's fault. You're responsible for your own actions just as Sarah and everyone else is responsible for their own always. Also, I don't like Sarah Palin either, and certainly don't intend to vote for her if she runs for President. But hey, she's still a person, too, whom the lord still loves and she's not black and white, just bad. She gives donations to help our country and supports special needs people, both positive aspects. It's just mean, scary, and ungodly to make death and rape threats at her and her daughters. From their looks in one photo, you truly frightened them. It's sad. However, from one person who's felt viciously angry with certain people, once upon a time, too, just not to the height of your anger and actions, I sympathize with you and don't hate nor look down on you.


The restraining order is against the son, not Palin- and it makes sense to fight it as having one could preclude you from attending a school, flying on a plan or buying a gun- all of which are in his rights as he ahs doen nothing wrong. Clearly "Free Britney" is not too bright> "Why do you need a restraining order against Sarah Palin lifted?" lmao at you

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