Shawn Christy, Sarah Palin Stalker, Stokes Fears

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Shawn Christy, the dude who's been legally ordered to stay away from Sarah Palin, is causing a new wave of concern in Alaska with his planned visit to the state.

Christy plans to travel to Wasilla in the hopes of removing a restraining order issued against him last year after Sarah and close friend Kristan Cole obtained it.

Sarah Palin Looks On

Palin and Cole proved he sent them threatening emails and letters.

According to TMZ, Cole is launching a preemptive strike through the courts in the hopes of blocking Shawn Christy from "dissolving" the restraining order.

Cole filed documents explaining how he has continued to harass her and her family in the past few months and why keeping the order in place is needed.

Law enforcement sources tell us Shawn, who lives in Pennsylvania, has not been seen in Alaska yet, but has already filed to remove the protective order.

Dude, do us all a favor and back off. Regardless of your views on Sarah Palin, let her live her life in peace. Threats and violence get us nowhere as a society.

Besides, if you really don't like her, ignore her. Maybe then she'll go away. Please?


There is a rumor going around that Palin Randomly Targeted this kid for Public simpathy you know how she cant stand to not have every second of attention on her


yeah...yousaythis after enciting hate and for her....whatever, don't pretend to care. You have spewed so much hate towards her & her family, on this website. Yes, even for her, you decry against obsessing over her? Take your own advice....stop talking about her, shereallyis a mute point in it all.


Nomatter how u feel about Sarah Palin, a STALKER IS STILL A FREAKIN STALKER...! If he's tryin to get a court order lifting a retraing order LIFTED, PEOPLE....HE MEANS TO HARM HER...? PERIOD...

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