Sarah Palin on State of the Union Address: WTF!

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Sarah Palin has a way with words. Or in this case, questionable acronyms.

In a play on President Obama's State of the Union address and its "win the future" theme, Palin used the text-friendly phrase "WTF" several times in an interview.

Somehow we doubt she meant "WTF" to mean "win the future" here ...

Another Palin quote on Fox News: "His theme in the State of the Union was the “WTF,” you know, “Winning the Future.” I thought, “OK, that acronym, spot on.”

"There were a lot of WTF moments throughout that speech."

A few thoughts before we turn it over to your comments:

  • Who is Palin's publicist?! Much like the blood libel remark, this was a prepared line. Basically harmless? Sure. But why go there?! She loves to stir the pot, but doesn't she want to appear dignified and avoid backlash? Once?
  • Will this hurt, or enhance Tracy Morgan's opinion of her?

Hold Palin's head up to your ear and you can hear the ocean.


This woman is like a terrier - she is always at your feet and never lets go. The US is in for a bumpy ride if she ever reaches the presidential seat as she can't even keep her family in order (and speaks utter rubbish). I wish she would just go away. She's a complete irritant.


From the very 1st moment Sarah Palin opened her mouth, I have never been so embarassed to be a woman! She doesn't know what the hell is going on in the world, and somehow manged to become the governer of Alaska? She has spurned hate in the United States, and she should be ashamed of the recent shootings. She supplied locations, and pin pointed people she wanted to "eliminate". Then goes on TV and acts innocent and righteous. Ms. Palin I can see Alaska from my house, and you are making it look stupid. Close that rather large trap of a mouth you have unless you have something constructive to say!!!!


WTF, if y'all can't see the humor of this one, you've probably lost the capacity pf reasonable for a long time already.
This is funny shit! WTF! hahahahahaha! The Messiah is rockin! WTF! Join in the fun ya hate monkeys!


Sarah Palin, please Stop Talking From Urass! Just STFU and quit with the moronic jokes!


Dear Sarah, I am really sorry that you have a shit head and a womanizer for a husband. I hope you are able to gain the courage to leave his sorry ass. You still have a future but not if you keep him in your household.


Dear Todd, You are a womanizer and abuser. You had weeks to prepare and work your charm and have your wife go out and defend you. For shame Todd I am an uncontrollable element in your life and you are not getting rid of me. You have taken away my life, my future, and reputation and dignity. Fuck you Todd. The storm is coming.


Wasilla's Mental Health Institution called and they do Not want Sarah back. Things are more calm and sane since she escaped from that facility. Sarah Palin does not hold any political office, is not running for any political office. Plan and simply she is an irritant, a know it all-don't know nothing about anything woman who has escaped from the confines of her small town and constantly unleashes her short fuse ignorance for all to hear.If this woman had a brain she would be dangerous. Todd Palin says nothing, but I can easily believe that he jump up in the air and sing and dance every time she leave the house. It can't be that easy for him to face his friends and family being married to that airhead bubble brain named Sarah Palin.


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