Mel Gibson to Former Oksana Grigorieva Bodyguard: Gimme Some Dirt!

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In light of the recent eye-opening statements from Kristian Herzog, Mel Gibson wants the ex-bodyguard of Oksana Grigorieva to spill it all in court.

Specifically, information Team Mel feels will paint his estranged baby mama as the liar and fraud they have been making her out to be for months now.

Mel's lawyers want Kristian Herzog to fork over every document and photo that details his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva and with her lawyers.

GIVE IT UP: Mel Gibson feels the testimony of Kristian Otto Herzong (far left) could really help him put it to Oksana Grigorieva ... in the legal sense, that is.

Gibson's lawyers also want "1000s of emails, text messages, 100s of private photos, private videos and voice mails" Herzog claimed to have a few months ago.

That's when he touted that Oksana was a victim of domestic violence. He's singing a different tune now, claiming Oksana's claims are exaggerations if not lies.

Mel's lawyers also want all emails and photos to back up Herzog's earlier claim that he was giving Oksana more than protection, if you know what we mean.

We mean sex obviously.

The subpoena also asks Herzog for all photos he has of Oksana, baby Lucia and for documentation for some comments he made to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Team Oksana will surely try to halt this, but that may be a losing battle. Herzog was not only present for so much of what went on, he's not an attorney.

In other words, there's no confidentiality privilege that would prohibit him in any way from spilling the beans if he likes - or is required to by subpoena.


Michael posted a comment way down among Parker's. He was saying Mel Gibson is a sedevacantist. And that was a good thing and everyone should be one. I was saying if Mel was one (his Dad is) it was't doing him any good. Not that one can tell the state of his soul, but his life has been a wreck. Sedevacantism pulls Catholics into a bunch of conspiracy theories. The pope is not the pope. the bishops aren't real bishops etc. If they start believing it they can get confused or bitter. So does Mel think maybe his marriage to Robyn wasn't for real. Is she not his wife? Can he date women? I don't know what he was thinking. But Oksana was a shocking sudden aspect. Hopefully he doesn't buy into his Dad's beliefs.


What? Who is Michael?


Mel Gibson wasn't a sedevacantist when he made the Passion. Is his priest now? He needs to stop following his Dad, Hutton Gibson, who goes way beyond what a layman can make judgements about. Putting Mel out as a poster boy for sedevacantism really shows how much that nonsense does for your soul, Michael. Hopefully he doesn't believe his dad's opinions. Sedevacantism will make you bitter.


Why do you need to be insulting? I am stating facts. The tapes do not erase what Mel said on them nor the virulence in which he said it. Very few people I have met believe they were edited in a way that could change that. There is nothing yet to suggest Oksana has lied about the events in the DV case. Herzog is an awful witness for obvious reasons. I'm nor saying that solid proof in the extortion case will not emerge. But if if it exists, we aren't yet privy to it. It is not me who is the all or nothing person.


If Mel had kept his zipper zipped, he wouldn't be in the mess he's in. He has no body to blame but himself.


Parker, are you a file clerk for Ox or something? Coming down off a speed trip? You make NO SENSE but you keep talking, talking, talking ~ my head hurts when I try to follow your non sense ramblings. Honestly, not trying to be mean or anything, but are "all the people you talk to" looking back at you in the mirror? There is a verifiable witness that proves Ox is LYING. All the ramble babble in the world doesn't change that fact. Get a different job, yours is not helping you.


I hope that Mr. Herzog has all of the documentation he says he does. Gold digging women give us all a bad name. He believed Oksana at first when she cried DV. Took awhile for the truth that she was no victim to sink in...but it did!


Sir I don't know the point in your rudeness but in my experience if someone calls someone else a spammer, more often than, not it's bc someone has said something they don't agree with. I think I've made my points well and I stand by them.


Pray for Mel Gibson.
He has been lied about because he made "The Passion of The Christ"
and because he is a Sedevacantist Catholic.
Become a Sedevacantist and save your soul.


parker is spamming the comment section. lol. Think this out: LE has Ox's pc. The likelyhood is that the mail emails were found between the two. (let's remember Ox and Horowitz fought hard to keep the PC out of it.) Herzog is a two time felon. Ca has the three strikes you're out rule: IF herzog is convicted of anythign he goes directly to jail never to surface again. Herzog is ALSO accused of threatening two people and trying to run them down. YOu think a perjury chage won't hurt him? Sounds like ol' Herzog is in a world of ca-ca? YOu think it might be in his OWN best interests to cooperate with the authorities? lol. Of course it is. He has proably cut some deal with them. FOR HIS OWN GOOD. He WANTS to tell the truth and has POSTED to that affect over on TMZ (and yes the posting has been verified thru the Body Gaurd Group Page.) Parker: try learning the facts before you go blowing your hot air about. Stop randomly hating. Stop hurting people you know nothing about.

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