Former Oksana Grigorieva Bodyguard: Team Mel All the Way!

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Oksana Grigorieva's ex-bodyguard Kristian Herzog has had some rough things to say about Mel Gibson in the past ... like how Mel wanted him dead.

Now, though, the guy who likely knows the most about Oksana's claims against Mel says she's exaggerating or downright lying about violence.

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Herzog, who served as her bodyguard until recently, and who may or may not have nailed Oksana, says she admitted to him Mel never punched her.

Oksana is a manipulative liar trying to bilk Mel, says Kristian.

Rather, Herzog says Oksana told him Mel slapped her. That's it. Gibson admits slapping Oksana, claiming he was trying to protect daughter Lucia.

Herzog, who's been subpoenaed by Mel's lawyers in the couple's custody fight, also says she had a motive for secretly recording Mel Gibson rants.

That motive, simply, was "to pressure Mel to pay her money."

Grigorieva reached a $15 million settlement with Mel, but then backed out at the last minute. Soon after, the tapes leaked online, one after another.

Oksana, who claims she recorded Mel because she feared for her life, is being investigated by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for extortion.

Who knows if Kristian is the least bit reliable, but it's interesting that he's come out against Oksana with such damning claims. Makes you think ...


How much did this cost Gibson?


Oksana has a history of using and abusing men from her first husband back in Russia. Every move she has made shows her to be nothing but a con artist. And now she is getting older, still no marriage proposals and she threw a hail mary, hoping for a big payday. Not gonna happen.


I like her. Gibson has a history of drunkenness, DUI, and as an anti-semite. He has more money than can be imagined. Hey, if you wanna play, you gotta pay. Remember - this douche bag walked out on his wife and Mother to all of his other children - the youngest being seven or something to run around with her. Sympathy for the Devil. And that phony church he built on his property. He is a hypocrite - nail him for every penny she can!


As more comes out, its easy to see Mel was set up by this gold digger and now the bodyguard is confirming that the purpose of the tapes was for extortion.
Time to lock her up and throw away the key.


People over the world can see the truth about this gold digging .... . I think this is one of the best comment.
"I'm standing here with my hands on my hips and watching how some ukranian slut with distorted face fooling around AMERICAN JUSTICE SISTEM because of freedom to" do what ever you want" and it's becomming very interesting.
What about Mel Gibson- one of the members of Great American Nation, who work and work and work to have American Nation great?"


Oksana is awful. I have said this many times before, so I will refrain here. Mel is no saint, but this woman is by far an even worse character than many in Hollywood movies! I hope she gets ... umm... hosed. And not in the way she's used to either. LOL


I am d0wnright DISGUSTED with this dumb EXT0RTI0NIST! She is taking d0mestic vi0lence and using it for financial gain. Im having al0t 0f tr0uble believing ne thng that comes 0ut 0f her EXPENSIVE m0uth. And why the hell is Mel paying her legal fees? R u kidding me? Their n0t married, she d0esnt need 2 have 42 lawyers. For what? I dont thnk this sh0uld be legal. $163,000 for 0ne m0nth in legal fees?! WHAT? THIS W0MAN IS CRAZY 2 THINK MEL SH0ULD PAY 4 THAT. I say this bitch NEEDS 2 D0WNSIZE HER LIFE MAJ0RLY. Shes spending m0ney like shes the CELEBRITY. Im so tired 0f w0men like her. This st0ry is getting 0ld. This bitch needs 2go back 2 wherever she came fr0m and st0p milking m0ney fr0m Mel Tim0thy and the rest 0f the USA. SHE IS A WASTE 0F A W0MAN.

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