Kredit Kard Katastrophe: Kardashians Sued for $75 Million

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The Kardashians have kause for koncern.

Five weeks after they took their debit card off the market because it was associated with dangerously high fees, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kris have been sued by The Revenue Resource Group, LLC. For $75 million.

The company claims these sisters breached their contract when they pulled out of the aforementioned deal. It's the biggest pulling out scandal Kim has been involved in since November 2007.

Many Kardashians

Following an announcement by the Attorney General of Connecticut, who said he'd consider an investigation into the MasterCard-approved debit card, the siblings dropped out of their deal.

But Revenue Resource Group says they signed a two-year contract and their public bashing of the product has affected the company's bottom line. RRG is seeking $75 million in damages.

Perhaps this will teach the family a lesson about attaching their name to any product that comes calling. But, somehow, we doubt it will.


no matter wht i lv d family,mostly klhoe k


I find it very hard to believe that Kim & co didn't know about the huge fees, if anything it would have bought them more money which they love so much. Its only because of all the bad press surrounding the credit card they decided to pull out and pretend they didn't know. A few years ago Kim had to settle out of court for stealing money from Brandys credit card I hope this is Karma coming back to bite her on the huge fake ass!!


Kim used to be pretty but has ruined her face with way too much surgery, she used to have her fathers Armenian looks but seems to have wanted to look more caucasian and thus ruined what made her so pretty. Foolish Kim very foolish!


i love d kardashian no matter what


Kim your nose is so freakin pathetic


NO need to wow,though that is a very high tag
This family can pay this with the blink of an eye


damn, that's a very high price tag...!!

Wv peach

oops, I meant "breathe"!!

Wv peach

If Kim's nose is pinched any smaller, she's going to need straws to breath through. I sincerely hope the younger sisters find more meaningful paths in life (not showcasing new butt implants and tanning to look like leather). *sigh*


Proofreading probably won't help. Maybe repeating 3rd grade will.

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