Kardashian Kredit Kard Kanceled Kause of Krazy Kash Koncerns

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The Kardashians have been ripping people off. No, we aren't referring to the fact that this family has managed to convince people to purchase its merchandise and waste hours of their lives following the exploits of utterly talentless individuals.

For now, at least, we're just talking about the credit card sponsored by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe.

Kredit Kard

Due to allegations of exorbitant, possibly illegal fees, the Kardashians have yanked their prepaid Mastercard off the market. The move is a response to the Attorney General of Connecticut actually opening up an investigation because the card might have been violating consumer protection laws.

Let's all give Sarah Palin a moment to Tweet about how the government should just leave us alone, dammit...

What were the costs associated with the card? It cost $99.95 just to use per year, while tacking on $9.95 in purchase fees along with monthly fees of $7.95. There was also:
  • A $1 fee to add money to the card.
  • A $1.50 fee to speak with a live operator regarding it.
  • A $2 fee per transaction for automatic bill pay.

Crazy, indeed. Those are almost as many dollar bills as Kim will see in a few years when her fame runs out and she's forced make a living by using the only two, plump assets she possesses.


Thank you! pretty interesting information


Well I am sure the Kardashians and there attorneys had plenty of time to read the terms and conditions of the card before they signed the contract with Mastercard and MRC. It just blows me away how other celebrities can have similar cards with out the Connecticut Attorney General getting involved. I thought his job was to work and govern the state of Connecticut? You would think this guy has better things to do, other than keeping up with the Kardashians.


i am soooooooooooo glad i didn't get one they have to put their name on evrything just so fans can buy it


this doesnt suprise me one bit . anything to make more money . some people are just sooooo greedy ! im actually starting to dislike all sisters. which i never thaught would happen


It would be kozy vote of konfidence if they kovered any kost of inkonvience to their kustomers. Just saying!!


Its a shame to see how people that are born with a golden spoon have every opportunity given to them. We work and receive nothing and they don't do a thing but receive everything.

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