John Edwards to Wed Rielle Hunter, Report Claims

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Will Rielle Hunter become the next Mrs. John Edwards? Does National Enquirer have absolutely no shame? It's definitely possible and absolutely, yes.

Elizabeth Edwards passed away less than a month ago, and already, the notorious tabloid is playing up Hunter's possible marriage to John Edwards.

It was the Enquirer, of course, that blew the lid off Edwards' affair and love child with Rielle Hunter back in 2008. So we suppose you can't rule this out:

John Edwards Proposes!

NO SHAME: The Enquirer is pushing it with this one. On the flip side, John Edwards might actually be callous enough to pull a move like this. Dude's shady.

This story is really unlike any other we've covered in five years. The reports keep getting more and more absurd, and you keep assuming it has to be bogus.

Then a court subpoenas the real John Edwards sex tape and you can only scratch your head. We'd pencil in the nuptials for this summer, likely at his estate.

On a side note, the inset teaser of Tiger trying to burgle the diary of Elin Nordegren is LOL material. Pretty sure his reputation is as dinged up as it can be.

Then again ... look at Edwards. Hunt away, Tiges.


DUDE'S SHADY!!!!!! You got that right! Very callous---how
could you lay down and go to sleep with that dude. Just think
just how bad he'd BETRAY you..............................but then again-----------he'd have to watch how bad you would BETRAY
HIM! I'd be ashamed to be seen standing by either one of you! hahaha


Lots of women will take him because he is rich but he will never find another woman like the one he betrayed. For the sake of his kids, I hope he does not marry the woman who destroyed his children's life. They deserve better and the memory of their mother needs to be honored so that they may grieve her loss and not get that all mixed up with anger and resentment for another major mistake made by their father. Let us hope he has the brains to stay clear of the mistress. I doubt it.


I hope this is not true! If it is,goes to show you what kind of ppl Hunter(or should I say Druck as in a duck)and John are. He would be disrespecting his late wife and their children. The children would never respect or accept her and will make Druck's life miserable. They DON"T have to accept her but she has to accept them(part of the package).Druck may not always be John's wife, but they will always be John's kids and they have the upper hand(thank goodness).All Druck wants is fame and fortune.This will come back to haunt her if they go through this messy marriage!


He is not worth talking about as he is a sleezeball and she is trailer trash. The two young children do not deserve to be with the father as I hope the daughter Cate will be able to look after them. Elizabeth was a wonderful person and did not deserve any of it as with her cancer the stress was not good and that is what killed her. They will get there's some day as want comes around goes around.


They deserve each other


No other women will go near that two faced rat. The only pickins left is pig face stuffed animal naked girl. Stay classy "Johnny"! Elizabeth you were loved more than you will ever know.


National Enquirer is always going to be National Enquirer. In honor of Elizabeth's memory, I continue to wish her family peace and healing during this difficult time.

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