Camille Grammer: Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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Camille Grammer may need every penny of that $50 million divorce settlement. The controversial reality star is reportedly out of a job.

The Hollywood Reporter simply states that Grammer won't return for season two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Pandora and Lisa Vanderpump

Will Camille Grammer take the ratings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her?

Few details have been released, but sources say Camille is displeased with the way she's been portrayed on the show, while friends claim she only ever did it because her ex-husband pushed the idea on her.

Aside from her VERY public split from Kelsey Grammer, Camile has come under for her general behavior on the show.

She has four nannies for two children; sees a real-life medium named Allison Dubois; and feuds openly with co-star Kyle Richards. Of course, as Danielle Staub proved, scandals sell.

We set the odds of Camille landing a spin-off at 1:100.

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I agree with so many... Taylor needs to much real help to be advertising her mental problems on air... no I mean she really needs to focus on something real for her and her daughter. It's so obviously a real problem.
Love Camille and Lisa the best. Not sure what happen with Kyle but she needs major help too. Maybe she can get an appointment with Taylor. No, seriously


I would much rather see Taylor leave than Camille. I like Camille, especially this year. Taylor is always whining about Lisa or her husband. And I'm not sure that Russell is as bad as she said he is. Lisa surely isn't. And Kim and Brandy. Kim grow up! Brandy is trying and you are acting like a spoiled little rich girl. And Kyle you need to take care of yourself and your family and let Kim take care of herself.


I am so tired of Taylor's whining!! She constantly complains about Lisa or her husband. I'm not so sure everything shes has said about her husband is true. I know what she said about Lisa is not true!! As for Camille, I like her, especially this year. What more can you ask for. And the way Kim is treating Brandy is terrible. She needs to take care of her problems and stop blaming everyone else for them. Kyle needs to stop making excuses for Kim and try growing up. She acts like a diva, and she should take God for a friend like Lisa, instead of the whining Taylor.


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Real housewives...real stories...real problems...real resolve...always potential for happy ending.Luv the show!I was a stage hand,off to side,field worker.Studying Camille,I shared with my former work mates,Camille would be a great manager.I'm off set "The Mentalist".Like her psychic friend.Seeking personal CEO claiment assistant,for confidential work study and program,The Getty Estate,as I am an "heir"-can verify through bloodwork.Still grieving passing of John Paul III,will be in Malibu,rounding up horses and building support,cousin Balthazar.


I watched the show last night for the first time, the one where they all had dinner at Camilles. OMG I sat laughing at most of it, but what I did notice was how Camille and her friend Allison seemed to light the touchpaper and then sat back with sly grins while the others all set about each other like their goal was reached... nasty... anyway, I like Kyle and Kim, best of the bunch.


i like camile and i know what finding out that your husband is cheating is like my husband was also in the film industry and at the moment i heard my world fell apart i cant imagine what that must have felt like to have to play that out on t.v. and i would like to tell shes not alone and the hurt which means more than money may never go away but it will get better being betrayed by someone you love and trust is not only hard for her but also for the children i think she has done the right thing to leave the show because of those children


I love Camille!!! She cracks me up. Now Kyle on the other hand is nothing but a jealous bit_h!!! Of course she's jealous of Camille why wouldn't she be? Kyle looks like she's 50 something. She's got all these gross warts on her face. She keeps saying she's trying to lose her baby fat, but honey that was 2 years ago....It's not baby fat it's just your fat (own up to it). Plus she has the ugliest wrinkled man hands I have ever seen!!! Is Kyle jealous of Camille? You're damn straight she is, she has every reason to be!!!


I absolutely hate Cammile Grammer she is a narsosistic see you next teusday and her attitude is beyond self absorbed. She is so fake and you can see it all over her face and the friends husbands that she bangs. She needs to disappear with her fake everything and try to become a real person not a real housewife. For the record I love KG and have been a Cheers fan my whole life but this mess of a marriage to a nonloving mother of sarrogates because she was to selfish to have them herself redick.... Kelsey WTF were you thinking......