Why Camille Grammer Wants $50 Million

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This just in: Kelsey and Camille Grammer won't be getting back together.

With the actor engaged to Kayte Walsh and the Real Housewife having lost so much respect for her ex, why haven't these two officially filed for divorce yet? Two words: money and revenge.

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The New York Post reports that Kelsey offered Camille about one-third of his fortune last week. But the latter didn't accept $30 million as a settlement because the amount did not include alimony or child support.

Oh, and because she wants to make her soon-to-be-ex suffer for his recent behavior.

According to California law, Camille is entitled to half of what Kelsey earned during the pair's marriage. This amounts to approximately $50 million. She's intent on collecting every penny, a friend says, because:

"She has accepted their marriage is over and that he wants to marry Kayte in January.. but what she can't accept is how he's parading around Kayte, who looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Their public make-out sessions are really insensitive because of their kids."

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Camille does not need Kelsey or anyone else to PROVE the dignity & Classines of this LADY CAMILLE - would not surprise me if CAMILE might soon be renamed "QUEEN CAMILLIA" love her ... LOVE you would too if you knew her heart xoxox


I love Camille!!! ... she has never been the vindictive or materialistic arrogant vengeful bitch as a couple of this women on this show was: namely Kyle and Taylor. Camille has always demonstrated dignity & class & TOTAL honesty. Camille is the most honest CLASSY girl! Any man who wins this girl's affection & love will be the most lucky man in the world! F you Kyle accusing b itch WHEN YOU IN HEART ARE SO evil! (If you Kyle attack your own sister so viciously ... why would anyone imagine you would go easy on another downtrodden human being???? Kyle & Tracey could be twins ... sorry I must say this :(


I hope Camille goes to Kelsey's wedding wearing her pink boa and brings Kyle as her date - http://bit.ly/eTakeA


I don't think I've ever seen anyone so vile in my life! With so many people in this country suffering right now for her to go on and on about her multiple nannies, many homes, and women being jealous of her looks is pure disgust! And what's with that nutty friend Alison Dubois. I will never watch that show again. Thank goodness it has been cancelled.


Haven't any of you women realized much of what is shown on TV is manipulated they can make you appear like a sweetheart or a villian, like on the other housewife shows they actually script fights. I don't care if you love or hate Camille she doesn't deserve to be shit on in public by her husband. It shocks me that more women don't support her. Also, maybe she is acting out as she is sad and lonely, Come on ladies care about your own for a a change, instead of being so judgemental, Half your conservations can be used on TV to make you look totally different.


Not everybody can be wrong!!!


I really saw Camille's true feelings for Kelsey backstage of his show. She was saying something about "I get to see Kelsey Grammar...wow" ..sarcasticly of course. Then she didn't even look him in the eyes when she was talking to him...totally fake feelings for him. Then poor Kyle has to deal with Camille's ongoing jealousy of her even though Camille believes everyone else is jealous of Camille. LOL Yeah I wanna be just like her...NOT!! Seriously, she really does need help for her insecurities.


To me she's rude and stuck up and I would cheat on her too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I dont think her husband was the first to cheat... I do think she cheated first and got away with it.
She is too frisky around other guys... and what is up with kissing guys on the lips?


Camille did that because she is jealous of Kyle! Did you see the last episode she was all over Kyle's husband?
Camille wishes she had a hot husband and was actually caplable to take care of her own kids.
Besides Kyle is gorgeous and Camille looks like she got hit by a truck.