Amber Portwood AGAIN Accused of Harassing Gary Shirley Plaything Ashley

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Another day, another Amber Portwood scandal.

This time, the troubled Teen Mom star stands accused of badgering her baby daddy's new girlfriend Ashley, who is filing a formal complaint against Amber.

Amber and Leah (Teen Mom)

Gary Shirley's new piece "mistakenly texted" Amber last week, setting her off into a frenzy of texts and calls to Ashley, according to a source close to her.

BABY MAMA DRAMA: Gary's always had plenty of that.

“Amber kept calling and harassing Ashley, asking her to ‘meet up’ so she could ‘beat her a$$,’” said the source. “Ashley wasn’t even responding at first."

However, "Amber just kept going, calling her a ‘fat a$$ pot belly pig’ and even had a guy friend call to try and scare Ashley pretending he was a cop.”

It gets worse. Gary then got on the phone with Amber to try and calm her down – a violation of the No Contact Order placed on the parents of Leah.

“I don’t know what Amber said, but Gary said she sounded wasted and threatened to call Child Protective Services on her,” the source continued.

In the end, it didn't help much: “Ashley called the Anderson Police Department to file a harassment report because Amber just wasn’t letting up.”

“Ashley told the cops everything, including that Gary and Amber Portwood have been violating the No Contact Order by talking to one another."

No action was taken. Yet. "The officer said either Amber or Gary would have to call about that for them to look into it,” a source told Radar Online.

No word if Autumn Jones, who was rumored to be dating Gary as recently as last week, is aware of this Ashley chick or this incident with Amber.


Jasmine, what do you mean why does he have his ex girlfriends number.his ex girlfriend just happens to be his babys momma.its a bit of an exception to have your exs number when they are the parent of your child.and a HORRIBLE parents at that.the state should put that baby up for adoption so she can have a chance at a good life instead of the one she is stuck in now.gary gets a little credit on being a decent father.amber gets nothing.


None of you really know Amber so i dont think you really have the right to slag her down. You are all just interpretting what the media has made of the situation.. dont be so one sided!! Yeah she messed up really bad but like your only making a big deal out of it because it was on tv. All you people writing harsh threats like needin mental help and she has anger issues ... NO DARLIN'S YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WITH ANGER ISSUES AND GROW UP!! Ambers parenting styles are nothing to do with you!


And this girl walked into court last week trying to convince a judge and child protective services she was "better" and should be allowed to care for her child without them? Man, she does not even see what the problem is does she?


And you got a nerve to call someone a fat ass pot belly when you were there before you lost weight dont forget where you were before you got to that nice size of yours!!!


You need to step back and get a reality check for real, if more than one person is telling you something is wrong maybe it really is!!!!!!! Stop all that bull shit and take care of your child! You gonna come accross the wrong person and get ya shit split! Not everyone gonna be that calm with putting up with your bull.


jill they dot ave each others # maybe ashley was talking to amber on garys phone and why does gary have his ex-girlfriends phone number


Does gary have a thing for girls with names that start with "a"?


My question is: Why do these two girls have each other's phone numbers? I certainly don't have any of my boyfriend's ex-girlfriends' phone numbers.


This girl needs fucken Mental help.....shes is fucken ass crazy....


Damnnnnn she crazie dis gurl need sum help and shit omfg she need to stop dis shit gurl yhu need jessus

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