Amber Portwood Attacks, Threatens Gary Shirley's Girlfriend Again!

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may not be pregnant, but she is back to her old ways in another respect - attacking her ex and his new girlfriend!

Portwood physically attacked Gary Shirley for the second time this month, threatening his current girlfriend Ashley in the process Tuesday night.

Amber Pregnant Again?

Amber had bonded with Ashley after she thought her relationship with Leah's father had cooled. But when she learned it hadn't, girl went OFF.

UNHAPPY FAMILY: Tranquil, ordinary moments like this are few.

"Amber said Gary was sending her flowers and texting her, saying he hadn't been talking to Ashley," a source said, but once they got to Gary's house?

"Amber hit Gary for trying to play both of them."

The night soon turned even uglier when Amber, already facing felony battery charges for a prior, televised attack, realized he was still dating Ashley.

"When Amber learned that Gary was still communicating with Ashley, she got in Ashley's face like she was going to hit her," the source added.

After Ashley took Amber outside to calm down, the situation escalated once again when Amber accidentally locked herself out of her car. Awkward!

In a bizarre, but not surprising twist, Amber again directed her rage towards Gary Shirley after he began ripiing Ashley for hanging out with him.

"Amber was standing up for Ashley because he was talking sh*t, saying he was trying to use her to make Amber jealous," reports a source.

"Amber almost hit him a few more times because he was talking sh*t about Ashley. He later called Ashley and left a long apology."

"Amber was texting her all day with threatening messages like, 'Don't text me anymore for your sake.'"

There you have it, folks.


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