Amber Portwood Attacks, Threatens Gary Shirley's Girlfriend Again!

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may not be pregnant, but she is back to her old ways in another respect - attacking her ex and his new girlfriend!

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    I have never heard such stupid comments. The one about communism that was classic idiot thinking at its best.


    sorry (continue)...
    USMC! I don't think she has a fucking clue. And if she thinks a commie society is better, I like to see her living in China and having them tell her that she can't talk shit about the government, don't have a choice in religion cuz they don't believe in religion and even how long your hair can be so EVERYONE has short hair to save money on water and even what brand of milk you want cuz they only have ONE! Like I said she has no fucking clue, maybe she would like to live in that kind of world. For the rest of us, I think we like those little perks...


    Couldn't have said it better myself US


    Ya seriously jenny- do you think anyone actually read that entire thing? Shut up!
    Ryan montana: even though your psychotic, I agree w/ you there. A lot of girls these days are freeloading it off everyones tax money. Seriously everyone- DO NOT make a baby if you don't even have a house a job money or a marriage! Why do you think so many kids are fucked up nowadays huh? Having kids too early is like a damn trend or something now!


    Thank you USMC for writing what you did. If that bitch (Jenny) wants someone to tell her how or what to do for every matter in life then get the fuck out of America. This country is for those that want the freedom.


    She is one scary looking chick.


    @Jenny Juneau Gadling, shut the fuck up you wind bag! You're the reason men punch women in the head. Because you won't shut the fuck up! Go back and read what you wrote, you're the fucking idiot. Do you seriously think Communism works? That China is this sooo much better place? Well then fucking go there! Get the fuck out of my country! I can't believe Americans have gone to war and died for stupid ungrateful bitches like yourself! Fuck you cunt!


    First off, what the hell do women see in this guy?

    Second off, why don't he put these ho's in check like a real man would?

    These are questions that baffle the mind.


    What is even sadder, is you know this fat, ugly, worthless piece of crap is going to pop out more fat welfare babies down the road.

    They all do. 25% of this Country is welfare whores living for free off of the government and loving it.


    Just take the kid. Lock her a** up. Presto- Done Deal!!!

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