Autumn Jones: Dating Gary Shirley For Reasons Unknown!

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Autumn Jones is, for reasons no one can figure out, dating Teen Mom baby daddy Gary Shirley. What's more, Leah is already calling her mommy, supposedly.

“Leah has become really attached to Autumn,” a source close to the situation says of Gary's daughter with Amber Portwood, with whom he is estranged.

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“Amber’s never around and doesn’t spend quality time with Leah, so she’s latching on to someone that makes her feel secure, and Autumn’s a good girl.”

Hell of a catch, Autumn Jones. You go girl.

Amber’s ex-fiancé has apparently been quietly dating Autumn for about a month now. Interestingly, Jones has one-year-old daughter of her own named Kalaya.

“We've been on four dates; twice to IHOP, once to Texas Roadhouse, then to the movies and stuff. He’s a total gentleman and paid every time,” Autumn said.

“But we hang out like five times a week and every time Leah is there I spend time with her. We usually just hang out at his house and watch movies."

"He says we can get to know each other better that way.”

Gary and Amber have been communicating with each other despite a No Contact Order - which they want lifted together - that prohibits them from doing so.

In December, Amber was charged with three counts of domestic battery and one count of neglect of a dependent and spent the night in jail as a result.

“I know he loves Amber, and he knows I love my baby's father, so either way about it in the end if he ends up with Amber, I wouldn’t be mad,” Autumn said.

How mature. She adds of her new man, “He likes me a lot but he just doesn't want to get hurt again, so we’re just hanging out taking things slow.”


hmm, dating her for a month? I spotted him at a bar in nashville a few weeks ago with a sloppy blonde....hmmm. And if he was famous like Amber, he wouldn't have such a great reputation. He was disgustingly drunk


I just feel bad for the baby. The article quotes; "Amber is never around & doesn't spend quality time with Leah". That in itself is just plain sad :(


@autumn Jones, stop pretending you arent the real autumn jones nut job!


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Poor baby Leah. Her mom is a nut job who is never around and her father is just dumb. No one should allow a child to become attached to someone they are just dating and just begun dating at that. It confuses them. Do either of these two idiots ever give one thought to doing what is best for the child,even if it means limiting their own lives? Neither is a fit parent.

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Guys, I didn't mean for it to be an insult to Gary or anyone else. I just described him as "portly" after seeing the photo above, and didn't put a lot of thought into whether people might be offended. It doesn't impact my perception of him or the subject matter. That said, I do apologize and have taken the reference out of the post because I don't want to appear insensitive. Thanks for your comments.


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I've never heard about any of these people. It's just more trash TV out of the machine. An aside: Why does it matter that he's fat? Haters gonna hate, I guess.


Who the heck is Autum?

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