THG Asks: Does Teen Mom Glorify Teen Pregnancy?

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Today, THG Asks: Does Teen Mom glorify teen pregnancy?

YES by Free Britney

Consequences? What consequences?

By paying the Teen Mom cast more than most of us make in a year, MTV effectively rewards irresponsible behavior.

Look no further than the fact that Amber Portwood is a tabloid mainstay. So nice to see MTV supports her underage alcoholism and violent tendencies.

Yes, the show realistically depicts the personal problems teen moms can experience, but it fosters the notion that you can be a star through pregnancy.

MTV will put ANYthing on the air for ratings. It will also recruit a new cast of pregnant teen moms who saw season one and see their ticket to fame.

NO by Hilton Hater

Does tabloid coverage of Teen Mom glorify teen pregnancy? Absolutely. It makes girls into celebrities for no reason other than getting knocked up at a young age.

But the show itself simply chronicles the daily struggles of teens such as Farrah, whose boyfriend died in a car accident prior to the birth of their daughter; and Maci, who tries to juggle school and a custody battle with raising little Bentley.

Indeed, while Bristol Palin simply talks about abstinence - while acting as if the only real consequence of pregnancy is an increased bank account and a spot on TV's highest rated show - these teen mothers prove the old saying to be true:

Actions speak louder than words. And I challenge anyone to watch Amber Portwood in action and not rush out to purchase a lifetime supply of condoms.

THG Asks you ... does Teen Mom glorify teen pregnancy? Who won this debate?


Up until recently, my argument was that no, Teen Mom doesn't glorify teen pregnancy, because when you watch 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom, both of those shows are pretty candid about how much pregnancy and parenthood sucks when you're a teenager, how it breaks up relationships, often damages parent-child relationships between the teens and their parents, and derails any life plans the teens had for themselves. It also shows how the happiest couple is the couple who gave up their child for adoption. However, now I'm realizing that these young women are getting paid absurd amounts of money for the show, and with their money they're getting boob jobs, partying, buying clothes, and hanging out with the cast of Jersey Shore. I DO think that these young folks should receive compensation to be on these shows, but certainly not enough to pay for plastic surgery.


Yes it does. These people should be living their lives not flauting their shit on tv. That's what they're doing, flauting.. but 99.9999% of the stuff is their BULL SHIT drama. Pathetic. The music channels make me sick these days, what happened to the good old MuchMusic and MTV? Get these bitches off tv.


yeah....Farrah didn't have a son first off. she had a daughter. and its the peoples watching own fault if they decided to get pregnant.

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