The Most Fascinating Person of the Year is...

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... General David Petraeus?!?

Look, Barbara Walters, you can't make a fluff-filled list of people who simply made headlines in 2010 - asking Sarah Palin about her daughter dancing and Justin Bieber about a photographed kiss - and suddenly then ask us to take you seriously as a journalist.

But that's the exact transition Walters tried to make on last night's 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010.

J. Lo and Babs

J. Lo was one hit single away from out-fascinating David Petraeus.

She prattled us about American Idol with Jennifer Lopez and talked fist-pumping with the cast of Jersey Shore, only to then name the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan as the Most Fascinating Person of 2010.

"In life, it seems, there are people who break things and people who fix them. This man is a fixer,” the host said of Petraeus.

Still, as much as we respect and admire the General, based on the previous guests that ranked immediately before him, we can't help but wonder: if The Situation had hooked up with one fewer grenade, might he have earned the top spot?


@randyjacksonsbutt, you're right about Elin. And perhaps most fascinating of all--she didn't try to sell her story or land a Reality TV show. She told her story one time--without compensation--to PEOPLE magazine. Barbara won't get her because Elin's stayed true to her word that she has no interest in being a celebrity or anything other than a mom leading a private life.


She just has the hots for him, thats all.


Look people, that particular show is for entertainment and doesn't fit the "journalism criteria". Most "news"shows don't fit the journalism criteria either. Either they favor the far-right or the left. I happen to be a middle of the road American Christian who enjoyed the show and the variety of persons picked. One of the definitions of "fascinating" is:
" to hold the attention of by being very interesting or delightful:charm, captivate....


Shocking! I'm surprised she didn't pick the kartrashian's...look at the rest of the ppl she thought was fascinating. Not impressed at all. Exception - General David Petraeus.