Justin Bieber on Jasmine Villegas Kiss: Was That Weird?

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Justin Bieber is adorable, talented, beloved and, according to Barbara Walters, fascinating.

He also comes across as more mature than his 81-year old interviewer in the clip below.

As one of this ABC host's 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year, Bieber sits down with Walters on a special that airs tomorrow night. Among other topics, she grills him on the photo snapped earlier this year of Justin making out with Jasmine Villegas.

Barbara Walters and Justin Bieber

In response, Bieber just shrugs and says: "I was just kissing her. That's about it... I think every 16-year-old kisses a girl, right? So that's nothing out of the ordinary."

Watch Walters try, and fail, to make Justin squirm:

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hello guys jasmine here wy just good friends and some times more dan that

@ jasmine

you are not justins ex girlfriend so go away!!!!


leave justin and selena alone by the way jasmin justin doesn't love you any more he loves selena not you by the way jasmin you are a big fat bitch so you better back off before justin will slap you so hard so you better watch out and if you don't back off then justin and selena will call the police on you


Selena Gomez and Jasmine Villegas are LOZER!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


i love u jasmine!!!!!!!!


i love justin bieber and i hate thats he is going out with selena cuz i hate her and she was hang out with ex boyfriend nick jones when justin was on tour she cheatlng on him poor justin


he gose out with selena gomez


Can Justin get any cuter??


Wtf is wrong with those 2 ''jasmines'' over there.hes none of ur boyfriend.


you guys are some goats to Justin Bieber is my boyfriend, and never will be yours so it is mine and nobody else


justin bieber is my boyfriend

@ Jasmin Villegas

Jasmine shut up your just don't like do you just say so stop saying that Justin is your boyfriend and he is not is your boyfriend and Selena and Justin is going out so shut up