Sarah Palin Won't Go Dancing With the Stars

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Today on The View, Barbara Walters showed an outtake of her interview with Sarah Palin from her forthcoming 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 special.

The former Alaska Governor laughs off any Dancing With the Stars / Bristol Palin conspiracy theories, praising her 20-year-old daughter's work ethic.

As Todd Palin sits awkwardly on the chair next to her in ventriloquist dummy mode, Sarah also says why she'll never personally be on the program ...

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@lars- I'm sure she just discovered the fountain of botox...


gay hispanic for Sarah! narrow minded and categorized lib world continues to shrink


Has Sarah Palin discovered the Fountain of Youth somewhere near Wasilla, Alaska? She looks more beautiful every day. Nice video clip.


Sarah Haras. The only *HOPE* the Republicans have got. Meow.


If Sarah Plain had any sense of how the country feels about her and her family, she would spare us ANY Palin on any show ever again. However, since she feels that if we just knew her better, we would love her as all her worshippers do, I'm certain that they will be around until the money dries up. Are you listening, Republicans? This is your monster...put her back in her padded cell.
And I will NOT be watching Walters tonight either...really poor choice of guests, Babs.