Octomom Told to Pay Up or GTFO By New Year's

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The man who holds the note to Octomom's house is once again saying how he's fed up with her games, and now wants her to pay $450,000 by January 1.


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    I live on $904 a month and get $16 a month in food stamps. I can't afford cable since the air waves were taken away to give to the "SOW". I can't afford a car but Miss Piggy gets one. I raised 5 kids and both their dad and I had to work hard to make ends me. Now I'm 67, alone and still can't afford cable just to see local news. Our morals and way of life has fallen into the troughs!!! And we all will be paying a lot more for the care Miss Piggy's kids will need when they are removed from her; and they will be. It's just a matter of time. I thought clild abuse was a crime. And I have never seen her babies smile. What's up with that?


    Octomom, Oksana, and Angelina. 3 of a KIND.


    Haha- she should go on dancing with the stars w/ oksana, lindsay lohan, & tila tequila! You know how hilariously awesome that show would be!?


    @Dayna, don't take my comment the wrong way I am just joking with you, I totally agree with your point. No one should give this lady any media exposure.


    Dayna, where is it stated that this is news? The site is called The Hollywood Gossip- so I would at least term it as gossip news maybe? LOL. Anyway, I really still want to know what was going on in this woman's head when she even started the whole pregnancy situation. I mean who in their right mind would even think of having that many kids with no means of supporting them or that lifestyle? She's nuts.


    It cut me off, I said:

    But I do heart you, THG!!!


    Is it just me, or how is this news? I'll tell you what, how about the next time you report about Octomom is when she actually manages to pay her bills ON TIME.

    But I do


    Here's a thought Nadia: Move to a state where you can buy a house 10x larger than the one you're living in now, for ONE of the house payments you choose to make living in California. Dumbass.

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