Let It Be Hilarious: D-Listers Sing Along to Beatles Classic, Promote Norwegian TV Show

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It doesn't get any more random and hilarious than this.

A slew of utterly random celebrities - from David Faustino to the non-Britney Jason Alexander to Alfonso Ribeiro to Tonya Harding - have gathered to promote a Norwegian TV show titled Gylne Tider. That translates to "Good Times."

Which is exactly what's on the horizon for all who watch this video.


I don't get what's supposed to be so "hilarious" about this. I actually liked it!


The show Gylne Tider revisits childhood/teenage heroes (typically from the entertainment industry) of the three hosts. A lot of these entertainers are products of the 1980s entertainment industry which consisted largely of B-movies and one hit-wonders. That is why they have gathered all of these actors/musicians in the promo. They will probably be a part of the coming season of the show. Hope that clarifies it.


LOL it actually sounded pretty good