Kate Gosselin Drops Big Buck$ on Mediocre Haircut

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Kate Gosselin spends money like it's going out of style.

That's not unusual for a famous person, of course. Or for an American in general. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing. But when you've got eight mouths to feed and you're feeding those mouths moldy sandwiches, your priorities are suspect.

That said, check out Kate's $950 haircut!!!!!!!

Kate Gosselin's New Haircut

Kate Gosselin sure looks ... gopd? It's hard for us to say.

The angular, shag-style cut comes courtesy of celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson (who's worked with Angelina Jolie and other stars) and colorist Jason Backe.

On a side note, the tanning-salon devotee also sported an oddly striking orange, non-seasonal skin tone. She is now the Snooki of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Gibson says of his famous client, "She loves her new look, and it's so much fun to work with her!" With that kind of hourly rate, that's not a huge shock.

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She really is way too star-struck for no reason. Anyone who pays that kind of $$, then has to let everyone know about it is...well..typical for someone like Gosselin.


She looks pretty


Oh, PLEASE...I don't watch, but still, it IS her money too.


"The Snookie of SE Pennsylvania" - LOL! She's got Snookie's cankles, too.


She lies about her breast implants too. No one loses weight, gets themselves into very good physical shape AND end up with larger breasts. It is not physically possible, the first place a woman loses weight is from the breasts. That is not a bra, those implants.


I remember watching "Little People, Big World" and thinking, I don't like this show anymore cuz all their new found money is making the show like everything else. Then I started watching "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and thinking, I like this show cuz its real and they aren't letting their new found money get to them like every other reality tv star. Now I think to myself, what the hell was I thinking in the first place? Jeepers, everyone let's their stupid money get to them and then we wonder why we live in a society like this. A word to Kate Gosselin, your hair does NOT look worth $950!


u don't need to spend 900 dollar on your hair. Hello how many kids do u Have?


Leave Kate alone. I don't believe that story about moldy sandwiches. She spent all the kid's early years insisting on organic food - she is not going to feed them moldy anything. Give it a break.


It looks better than that 1980's lesbian dyke haircut she had a few years ago. But really who cares? Her 15 minutes were up 17 minutes ago.


Since when is YELLOW hair a good idea, especially with the fake tan. The whole look is so out of date, like 10 years ago. BTW, she's not a "star" and she's not a "celebrity". Her kids will realize what she's doing and one of these days they will tell her to get lost. They will also want to know what she did with all the money they earned for her.