Kate Gosselin Wastes Money on Tanning

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What do you do when your diva-like ways are running your family into fiscal despair? If you're Kate Gosselin, you go get your tan on in Reading, Pa.

The mother of eight was seen exiting a local tanning salon, where she channeled her inner Snooki, before heading over to do "business" at a FedEx.

Here's Kate looking lean and sort of tan ...

Kate Plus Tanning

BRIGHTER DAYS: Kate Gosselin has seen them.

We're not criticizing the tanning industry overall, but it seems like a waste of money when you've got eight mouths to feed and limited income, no?

Seriously, the children eat moldy food so you can do this!?!?

Kate, who recently admitted that her kids are under pressure lately, yet shows no apparent inclination to do anything about that, spent Thanksgiving day with the enormous brood before handing them off to their deadbeat dad.

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well kate has to keep looking good for her live in boyfriend so called bodyguard steve..he takes care of her and her 8 and never sees his wife and kids....his wife needs to get a back bone....she's letting steve and kate make a big fool out of her...


So that's what she does with her precious time and money!!?? GREAT! And she wonders why they are acting out, screaming and hitting eachother. HUMM following what they see...


Please, do you really think Jon wants the kids 24/7? Did you ever watch the early shows? We don't know what the kids want, wait for the books they might write when they get older, then maybe we might get a look at some truth.


you are right Denny!!!Jon G should have the kids, their mother is a monster. If I gave my kids recycled sandwiches for weeks, I wouldbe in jail for attempted murder, Bless those babies. Power to Jon.


You need to do a little research. Jon Gosselin is NOT a deadbeat Dad. The kids are much happier with him; Kate is a monstrous mother.