Kate Gosselin Makes Kids Eat Rotten Food

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No wonder her kids get kicked out of school.

You'd have rage issues too if your mom made you eat week-old food. That's just gross. But Kate Gosselin says she's trying to teach her brood not to be wasteful.

If they don't eat their lunch, Kate re-packs it up again. Instead of throwing away uneaten grub, "she repacks it for them in the next's day lunch," a source says.

Kate is Irate

SLAVE-DRIVER: Kate Gosselin is not messing around.

Those PB & Js can get a little gross after a week, though: "The kids are stubborn, so sometimes they kids have the same half-eaten sandwich in their lunch all week."

The 9-year-old twins and 6-year-old sextuplets get teased for musty sandwiches, too. "Some of the little ones cry, and some get angry and fight," a source adds.

Kate has been called a child abuser more than once in the recent past, and while her ex-husband Jon won't go that far, he reportedly isn't a fan of her frugal fits.

A pal overheard him dad quip: "If you lived with me, you wouldn’t have to eat bad food for lunch every day." True, but they'd get a heavy dose of mediocre girls.


Oh, how wdrfenoul! Doesn't it feel great when the world acknowledges what you already know? Congratulations to both of you.


I am at a loss for words when it comes to Kate...she seems OCD...has panic attacks...and just seems impossible.


You should be ashamed of yourself kate for feeding the kids old sandwiches....


it's terrible


Seriously people...GIVE HER A BREAK!!! You know nothing about her other then what tabloids post...What is this websie called? Hollywood GOSSIP!! And thats all it is. Nothing but Gossip. I think that Kate is an awesome mother who is doing the best that she can and trying to figure out a way to support her children. I'm sure if you were raising 8 children all by yourself that you would want a break from them every now and then too. Until you know Kate personally, DONT JUDGE HER!! I say BRAVO to you Kate! Keep doing what you are doing! You're doing a great job so far!!


I think we all need to take a step back and look at Kate as a woman, mother and divorcee. I have only two boys (5 & 6) and they are a handful and I do my best as far as nutrition, discipline, schoolwork, respect and helping them enjoy their childhood. When I was sick, my husband steps in but he gets very frazzled and overwhelmed because he doesn't have the routine done as well as I do. He is an excellent father, but someone has to keep schedules, help with homework, etc. I think Kate needs a break. Her husband (who knew who he was marrying) turned from a wuss into a douchebag. He is a joke, and she is raising 8 children. She needs her home to run like a machine or it will all fall apart. Give the woman a chance to be a mom. Get off her back.


I went through this with a private school that did not serve hot lunches. My son refused to eat sandwiches because he was a meat and potatoes eater. I packed fruit, chips,& desserts but the school insisted I send a sandwich whether he'd eat it or not. So I sent the same pb&j all week.LOL


Once a witch those poor kids are going to growup it problems that no shrink will be able to figure out. She always has to be center of attention. TLC PLEASE CANCEL HER AND THE SHOW!!!!!!!!


Does she want to give her kids food poisoning or something? If the kid didn't eat it maybe the sandwich is GROSS! It isn't going to taste better when it's stale and soggy! Someone PLEASE call social services on this idiot redneck. She isn't pretty, nice or smart. I don't understand how she still has fans frankly! She's a horrible parent and seems like a nasty, mean person!


True or not this woman plans has issues here-just wish she will just go away


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