Who Does Barbara Walters Find Fascinating?

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As she does at the conclusion of every year, Barbara Walters has compiled a list of the world's Most Fascinating People.

Really just a rundown of those who have been in the news (seriously, we all love Betty White, but does a single reader find her "fascinating?"), the following celebrities made the cut:

  • Taking Jesse Back!
  • Close Up of Kate
  • Kneeling on Stage

As you can see, only eight spots are filled. That's because the ABC host will reveal the final two on her December 9 special. Who do you think they'll be?


Michael Douglas and Jennifer Grey might be included on the list.


Adam Lambert is always facinating. He just completed 113 sold out world tour successful Glamnation Tour performances since last June with 2 more final sold out venues to come in L.A.He has had to add many venues due to the high demand, while other big names have had to cancel several of theirs. His debut For Your Entertainment has also far outsold the Americam Idol winner Kris Allen. Adam is a multifaceted performer that is much more than meets the eye. He is a truly nice, intelligent man that does much for his charity, Donors Choose.


Julian Assange should be on her short-list.


I think the guy from the Dos Equis beer commercials will be number 1!!!!


i think betty white is very interesting!! i could care less about any shit head on jersey shore


Hmm... maybe Taylor swift & Oprah. No, probably not Oprah since she's competition. But Taylor should be a good guess. I wouldn't be surprised if she threw in Bill O'Really for the controversy aspect.


I think the 2 will be Elin Woods, and former President George W. Bush. Just saying!!

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