Justin Bieber Can Do Anything!

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Justin Bieber got himself in a spot of trouble last week in Great Britain, as viewers of his performance on X Factor took exception with the singer's obvious lip-syncing.

But the 16-year faced no such scandal in Spain, which is where he headed to next. Justin was honored with a gold record (pictured below) and also wowed fans with the following display of yet another talent.

During an appearance on a Madrid TV show, it took this superstar just 90 seconds to solve a Rubik's Cube. Amazing.

Click on these photos of Bieber to enlarge shots of him accepting an award and doing the robot while in Spain:

Snapped in Spain
A Big Hit in Madrid
Waving to Spanish Fans
Performing in Madrid
Doing the Robot
The Justin Bieber Game Show

[Photos: Splash News]


Im so proud of bieber i wish you all the best baby so cute i love you so much


Teach Me !!


Thats sooo cool. Well done jb, i am not speaking sacarstically.


Justin wow!! I just know how to do on just 1 side.but u r amazing.


Wow! That's amaizing:-)


He's a weird looking kid.IMO. By the way, my 9 year old can solve the Rubik's cube. Don't get the fascination with him but I am not a 12 year old girl. Oh well, at least he's not doing anything criminal.


Take a completed Rubixsâ„¢ Cube, hold it in a specific way (so you can remember)
Then rotate it one step, then another, repeat around 5 times.
Then simply reverse your steps with unnecessary over-spins...
Instant smarts.


I'm so proud of u justin wish u al d best xoxo!


Show off!!
hahah LOL!

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