Justin Bieber Angers X Factor Viewers, Accused of "Terrible" Miming

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After spending Thanksgiving in New York City, Justin Bieber crossed the Atlantic this weekend and gave fans in Great Britain a treat...


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    i know im srry they all r sexii and i dnt do dat anymore i treat them equal nowI LUV MBprodi,prince;ray;rocmmmmmm seliiaxl r amazingdat how it should be srry about leaving roc outbut i like em all


    jusssssssssssssssss son un idolo!!!!!!!!!!!te amooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    He did it again - on X Factor 2011 final - singing the Christmas song, he pulled the mike away from his face to down by his side, yet the the voice went on without any change in volume, attenuation, anything - he wasn't signing live through the mike - it was prerecorded.


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    i agree with all the haters about this little girl hes a faker and the shittiest act ever to digrace music


    CourtneyL: Excuse me if you don't know how we write nowadays...baby you can't tell me nothing about spelling & if you have a problem with it go hang yourselft.n yep diz is hw i ryt if u cnt rid it den wel it saks 4 u,der is no speln mstk itz supoz 2 b lyk dat. B*tch


    Michelle: Learn how to spell. You sound like an immature idiot.


    he wasnt even using it as backing support his mic was off completly so what was the excuse for his crappy dancing? He mimed the whole thing very badly - the stans are completly disillusioned he mimed the whole thing his mic was never on or they would have turnt it on for his interview.


    to the person that said he did it once your actually wrong he did on it American tv as well its on youtube. Im sorry but if your going to lipsynch at least make it convincing and look like your singing the same song as the backing track!

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