Alex Rodriguez: Macking On Kelly Bensimon?

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Despite rumors that he's back with Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez was spotted flirting with Real Housewives of NYC star Kelly Bensimon in Miami the other night.

At the Art Basel party at Wall, hosted by Vito Schnabel, Stavros Niarchos and Alex Dellal, "He had his arm 'round Kelly and they were flirting," a witness said.

The next day the two were seen browsing art at the Convention Center.

Kelly Bensimon Playboy Pic

HOME RUN: What's not to like about this if you're A-Rod?

A source said, "While Alex was recently seen with Cameron Diaz again, they're not together. He is single." Reps for A-Rod and Bensimon have not commented.

What's not to love about this couple? They're both New York nightlife regulars, and the Rod likes his women a bit masculine (Madonna, Joslyn Noel Morse, etc).

These Kelly Bensimon bikini pictures, though? Kinda whack.


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A-Rod fucks anything with a pulse and it is a plus if they are rich and famous too. They deserve eachother, both tasteless media whores!


Im sure that A-Rod is just going for a 'Two-Bagger' here. And for some of you... that's not a baseball term.


arod seems to be very attracted to very loose woman with big hair, big mouths (...???)and some of them arent even that attractive, kelly bensimon is old housewife and looks like a dogs breakfast without makeup. arod dont want the attention but he goes out of his way to get attention by hanging out with woman who bring him attention.


Uhhhhh...........OK?!?! I think someone could use a little re-hab here. I'm not talking about A-Rod or Kelly

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