Vivid Entertainment to Ashton Kutcher: Tough Luck!

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Sorry, Ashton Kutcher. Whether or not you had an affair with Brittney Jones, you're stuck being linked to this attention-starved 21-year old.

At least as far as Vivid Entertainment goes.

Brittney Jones Nude

In response to the actor's letter to that porn distributor, in which he requested his name be removed from all Brittney Jones Confidential marketing material, CEO Steve Hirsch has come out and essentially said: don't blame us for this rumor!

Ashton Kutcher has gone from Punk'd to peeved over the release of a Brittney Jones sex tape.

"Details of the alleged affair have been widely reported in the press for months and we do not suggest in any way that Ashton Kutcher sponsors or endorses the video," Hirsch told E! News.

Adds Vivid attorney Michael Weremblewski, in a document addressed to Kutcher's lawyer, Robert D. Offer:

"Is your client alleging that Vivid somehow concocted a story that Mr. Kutcher had an affair with Brittney Jones, thereby damaging Mr. Kutcher's reputation? Mr. Kutcher's alleged affair with Brittney Jones has been widely reported in the press for several months.

"Therefore, we doubt the claim of substantial damages and placement of Mr. Kutcher in extreme jeopardy arises from Vivid's upcoming release of an adult video featuring his alleged mistress, Brittney Jones."

Seriously, it's unlikely the damages from Brittney Jones Confidential could be any worse to Kutcher's career than the ones from Killers or Valentine's Day, could they?

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