Put It Away! Kelly Bensimon Flaunts Bikini Body

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Kelly Bensimon is not shy about her body. Sometimes, she pokes a nipple out for no reason whatsoever.

But after viewing photos of the Real Housewife of New York City in Miami over the weekend, we have some advice for her: cover up. Seriously. We'll send over a blanket if that helps.

Wet, Not Wild
Gross Body
All Ribs
Skipping Along
Elderly Beach Babe
Clad in a Bikini

The reality star is thin, but far from toned. We actually have no idea what's going on with her stomach in some of these pictures, and don't exactly get turned on by the sight of ribs jutting out of a woman's side.

Do you? Would you go to bed with Kelly Bensimon?


i can't believe this woman was ever in playboy. though i haven't seen the pics, i can only imagine the airbrushing squad was working overtime and definitely weren't compensated enough to make kelly look good. her body looks like its been formed by preschoolers from lumpy clay..and what the hell are those boney bumps jutting from between her boobs? kelly tries way to hard to be the "trendy, hip chick" on RH. at 41 years old, she wears dresses so short, you need a bikini wax to lift a glass while standing. do we need to really get into her IQ? her reasoning on wearing fur still has me rofl. “PETA isn’t saying, ‘Don’t wear fur.’ PETA is saying, ‘Don’t abuse animals.’ And I’m not abusing animals. I’m just wearing fur … Do I wear fur? Yes. Do I support the abuse of animals? No.� she really needs to do stand up comedy, except she'll be the only one who doesn't understand it.

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