Kanye West to the Today Show: Kiss Off!

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Kanye West says there's NO WAY he's returning to the Today show later this month, as he was scheduled to do, after his testy interview with Matt Lauer this week.

A few hours ago, he Tweeted: "I'm not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I'm so happy the world got to see just a small piece of 'the set up.'"

In this week's interview, Kanye's infamous criticism of George W. Bush was rehashed by Lauer, but what ticked the rapper off was video clips aired by Today.

Go West, Kanye

There was no love lost on the Today set this week.

Kanye grew increasingly agitated when the show aired footage of W.'s pained reaction to West's post-Katrina remarks and later of the Taylor Swift VMA incident.

At the end of that interview, Lauer said he still expected Kanye to do their show on Black Friday, as scheduled, but a rep confirms that Kanye's officially out.

What do you think? Should Kanye sack up, or did Matt take things too far, given that West is obviously remorseful? Whose side are you on?

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ppl this days dnt knw mistakes! Ppl do sturpid things wen they drank n lose control kkkk! wat happen happened! so matt bilde a briage and gett ove it sucker.


i think it was wrong! it is time to move on! would matt like it played over and over about him cheating on his wife? i don't think so. move on


Kanye West is such an angry looking negro. I wouldn't let him shine my father's shoes.... nope.


I love how all these celebrities talk about how they are constantly 'growing' as people, yet when faced with abit of responsibility (Such as having to face up to what he did at the VMA's) they immediately become children throwing tantrums.
Kanye West is a singer and songwriter, so he should shut his mouth about any other global problem, because quite frankly, he's not intelligent or mature enough to weigh in on any other debate.
Matt Lauer had every right to play whatever background tapes he wanted; that's what the show does, that is what it has always done.
Kanye saying he doesn't want to go back on the show is no surprise: He's still a boy that hasn't grown up, and can't be a man when he's got to act like one.
Can't wait for him to get drunk again at the next VMA's.


Riley, I agree. Matt Lauer was totally wrong for playing the VMA's incident in the background especially since this incident has had such a negative impact on Kanye's life and career. Personally, I wouldn't trust them. I've always respected Kanye for being honest with his feelings a few times the timing was off, but I've agreed with his opinions.


I enjoy Kayne West's music. With that said, I think he's crazy. He seems to think everything is a set up. Really, Kayne? I find it doubtful that Matt Lauer and the Today Show are out to get you. They showed the clip of him at the VMAs because they were discussing it and that was the reason that Kayne changed his feelings about George W. Bush. He is very upset whenever that whole incident is even brought up but he needs to come to terms with the fact that it was an infamous event and, aside from his music, will be what he is most famous for. Accept it already, Kayne.


Kanye West problems haven't begun until a bucket of red paint hit that animal that he is wearing. His next confrontation might be with PETA.


Here he goes, again.


Matt went waaayyyy to far. Kanye west is obviously appologetic about his previos actions. When you have a guest on a show as famous as the today show, you can't play old videos of people when they r at their weakest its just cruel.


"I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused." BoooHooo Kayanne! You jes mad that the whole worl sees the real you on tape. But I do understand the hollow part. That's what you should feel after you misuse, abuse, slander and put down others.

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