Kanye West Taken to Task on Today Show; Sort of Goes Off on Matt Lauer

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Kanye West simply cannot stay out of controversial situations.

Perhaps he's to blame for that, but to hear him tell it, the Today show to blame for his latest highly-publicized incident. Talking to Matt Lauer, the rapper empathized with President George W. Bush about being called racist.

The feud appeared to be over right then and there. However ...

VIEW FROM THE WEST: Kanye did not appreciate being put on the spot. Whether you agree with him or not, you can empathize with how rattled he seemed.

While pensive and contrite, Kanye became visibly upset when the show played, while he was speaking, two different clips: First, Bush expressing pain over West's remarks, and later, Kanye's infamous interruption of Taylor Swift.

This sent West off into a full-blown Twitter rant, it also has received heated reactions by fans on both sides. Did Matt and NBC take it too far in rehashing the clips? Or was this, as Lauer said, simply what the TV program does?

Follow the jump, watch Kanye on Today and see what you think:

After the fact, Kanye flipped out on Twitter, claiming Lauer "tried to force" his answers during Tuesday's sit-down. But Lauer stood by his interview, airing the entire segment just to prove that nothing was taken out of context.


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Over and over and over again, Kanye shows how much of a jerk he really is.


Yep, those are the facts that works for you, but not me! Oh, by the way, you don't forget Clarence Thomas, please! My position remain the same! There has always been blacks placed in certain position to serve some type of agenda. Colin Power is the one person that left the White House with a totally different view. Who did the public hold responsible for resolving the oil spill, President Obama! Who worked to get money from BP for those affected by the oil spill, President Obama! Quickly getting things done which is what Bush should have done! Where was the governor and the mayor during BP oil spill waiting for the President to the things done. So you have your facts and I have mines!!!!!


kat know your facts! ex president bush had more MINORITY in his cabinet and staff than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT!!!!!!!! Powell, Rice top positions/offices! for starters. also his daughter was married by a black minister! the bushes might be lots of things but being prejudice isn't one of them. his brother married a spanish lady before spanish people were acceptable. also the republican party is the party the didn't believe in slavery and give blacks the right to vote. go check your facts!!!!!!!!!!! katrina why wasn't the mayor every blamed? or the governor of the state? florida has storms after storms yet they evacuate when told. why didn't the mayor get the school buses? and etc.? the president doesn't do that for other states! it takes YEARS to fully recovery go to florida and see, miss, texas and etc.. La didn't take the warnings serious - whose fault is that? the people, the president, the mayor, or the governor?


Lidia, shame on you for trying to sale that Bush bulls$$$! By the way, name five things that Bush did for Blacks or for most average Americans? Kanye is just a distraction while Bush is peddling lies in his book. Crazy people are always the first ones to try to call someone else a nut, how comical. Being like Kanye is a compliment not an insult, so thank you!


KAT you are a Nut case just like Kanye West is.
Mr BUSH did a lot for black people...but it looks like that none of you appreciate what he has done for all of you.
Mr BUSH needs to be respected like the other presidents...i really don't understand the hate that all of you have for him.I notice it that Oprah Winfrey was civil towards him...but regarding Kanye West,Joy Behar and other democrats are being unfair to this nice man .Shame on you all.


Kanye is an ignorant, classless douche. He should keep his stupid mouth shut!


Nelly, I'm not confused about the topic of discussion, but in responding to a note to me it was about Bush. Anyway, there's nothing that has indicated that Kanye is a racist. Has Kanye been rude, passionate, outspoken, shown poor timing and judgement, "appears" to have tons of confident, and is a great rapper, YES! The problem is that many of you feel that blacks should know there place in a white man's world. Get over yourselves!!!!!! Just as many of you are having this "fake" debt that the country is in. Unless you have had your head the sand we all know when the debt and America problems started and it wasn't President Obama. Now people are feeling sorry for Bush because of something that Kanye said years ago. Too bad!!! I don't gave a care! I'm also sick of the media trying to influence our thoughts and being successful with the gullible ones.


If you have done your homework, you know that Bush waqs not allowed by the Louisana Governor to help...he asked and asked. Kayne West is a racist pure and simple...and he is an egotistical idiot. I think people are so determined to believe the worse about Bush that nothing said would change their mind, so sad...so simple minded. History will show he did a mediorce job but that same history will show that K West is a poor entertainer at best and that Obama is going to rank up there with being the worse president ever! But you can bet people will NEVER find fault with Obama, no matter what...no matter how deeply he plunges us into debt that we can't repay...no matter that no other country wants to do business with us at all...no matter what, Bush will always be 'bad' to some and Obama will always be a 'saint' to those same people.


Kat the piece was about Kanye..now when Bush was on Oprah she did show pictures of Katrina and ask Bush about it! Matt Lauer is a hard hitting journalist..Kanye's career is still going, it'll continue to go!! Some people just put their foot in their mouth and that's our Kanye!!


I think how it become full blown as Kathie Lee found it necessary to respond to Kanye's twitter, on her show. He just needed to let off some steam, and apparently the Today show is desperate for ratings and ran with it! Maybe Kanye forgot, twitter is not private..everyone knows!! I like Kanye..but Matt has a job to do..and he's usually not nice about it..is my observation!!

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