George W. Bush Still Hurt By Kanye West Comments, Accusations of Racism

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President George W. Bush endured a lot of criticism in his day, but he says that when he heard Kanye West accusing him of not caring about black people after Hurricane Katrina, "it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency.”

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    Wow.why is kanye west so racist of white people? 1st he mocks bush than goes on to Taylor Swift... I can't stand this guy, he needs to like leave or something. Bush was awsome!! I loved him now we have a stupid weirdo that won't help us out. Anyway fuck u kanye!


    Kanye, when are you going to realize that we don't give a damn what you say. You will say and do anything to try and get in the media. If you can't get any attention you force your way on stage and take over a "white" teen's moment in the spotlight. You would have never done that to a black woman because she would have beat your ass right there on stage. Kanye, you are pathetic so just be man enough to say you are the racist !!


    i think this whole deal with kanye and taylor swift is getting old i think ppl are trying to get on taylor swift side and feel sorry for her thats why she won all thoses awards how can kanye be racisit if hes dating kim kardashian she is white i think ppl need to get over about kanye and taylor swift dramma?


    @randyjacksonbutt how did people have jobs during bush era when the recession started on his time


    Well I agree with bush because Kanye is racist... he always has to bring down white people, example of Taylor swift and Bush!! Kanye is a jerk and I cant stand him!! Jesus loves you!!


    i think kanye and everybody needs to get over with it for katrina ppl they had a chance to get out and they didn't so their blameing on bush i think this on katrian thing is studip us rita ppl had it bad to why is everybody focseing on katrina i know because of the blacks?


    Bush isnt racist i think kanye west is. If bush is such a racist then please sum1 explain to me why theY came 4rm lousianna n got cell phones,credit cards and foodstamps??? Oh and lets not forget a place to live while we have homeless ppl in texas that coulda used it?? They jus want to sit there n complain n sayin its cuz their blk n ppl r racist. No thats not tha case. And at tha awards y did kanye feel that he had the right 2 take the mic 4rm taylor swift sayin beyonce should win. Thats jus his opinion n if she wasbetter then the fans woulda voted 4 her. So obviously taylor swift is better n he needs 2 get off his high hore n shut the h*** up! His opinion isnt the only 1 that matters.


    Kanye has no room to talk about being a racist. I guess it wasn't racist of him to put white table servants in his new gay ass 30 min. video!!! I guess Obama was racist cause it took him forever to deal with the oil spill crisis, (cause he hated white fishermen) LOL. The answer is No it doesn't make either of the presidents racist, sometimes shit happens and you just got to deal with it the best way you know how!!! Kanye is one of them peeps who think his shit don't stink cause he got some fame. The only racist out of any of the scenarios listed was Kanye. Jay-Z needs to start keeping his number two bitch in check!!! Put some pooty tang whoopins on his ass.


    Stupid vs stupid. I find this very childish of bush, that he is still affected by what Kanye said of him. Its not like this was the reason he became so impopular. Why would he even care about what Kanye says? Its not like he has an educated opinion, ppl who follow him are probably on his level of stupidity.

    If Kanye and people like him would just shut up about these black and white things, then racism wouldn't even exist anymore! You're keeping it alive! You have some cool songs, but you need to think before you speak man..


    kayne talks to dam much..shut the h*** up.

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