Farrah Abraham Fights For Control of Baby Sophia

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It's no Amber Portwood stealing baby Leah, but Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham has been in a battle of her own with people trying to take her daughter.

Stormie Clark, the mother of Farrah’s late baby daddy Derek Underwood, had been seeking “grandparent’s rights” in Pottawattamie County (Iowa) Court.

Teen Momma Drama

A judge denied her request, keeping Sophia in Farrah's custody. But it was too close for comfort for a young single mom already battling against all odds.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham with adorable baby Sophia.

In order for a judge to have approved this request for visitation, Stormie would have needed to prove she has a pre-existing relationship with baby Sophia.

She does not. If Farrah Abraham were unfit to decide who Sophia should or shouldn’t be around, that would have been grounds as well. Also not the case.

Again, it's no Amber beating up Gary Shirley and getting the cops called, but Farrah’s relationship with Derek’s family is still messy. Keep on keepin' on girl.


Farrah i think your a great mom! Its hard when you have to raise and do things on your own, with havin school and work you have to provide for your daughter. I have a 8 month and little girl i love her more then life itself and i understand how hard it is.. So keep your head held high and dont listen to people. God will take care of everything.


Hy for all u haters out there remember who has been there for lil sophia her mom not nobody eles farrah had a hard time gettin his sister kassy to take a dna test for her


I agree with robynp53. Plus one thing is that Sophia dad family didn't believe that she was his daughter until she prove they were wrong. So now they want custody they are stupid shes doing good and if she thing thats the best for her daughter i give my 100% support.


Ooooooooh yah, before i forget. Farrah please keep your legs either closed or crossed. So we don't have to deal with your cry baby ass.


Baby sophia is more adult than her mother. Because sophia's mom is a gold digger who only wants money. And she will use her baby to get it. Farrah needs to grow up, she cries more than the baby every time you see her. I have 3 kids by the same man and he has died in 2001 and you do not see me turning into a self centered, money hungry bitch. Do us a favor farrah don't move to california, because we already have too many drama queens.

@ Ulunda

sure bitch just leave her a lone we know he died who gives a shit dam it god dam it ok


Farrah has grown up a lot this last season. She is Sophia's mother &making the best choices for her given the situation. If baby daddies mom had done her job he wouldn't have died drinking &driving. It all starts at home... good luck Farrah. I hope you find happiness.


Farrah is a vengeful, spiteful, hateful, selfish little bitch. She has no respect for anyone around her and she should have that child taken away from her. She burned her with hot water on the show, leaves her sitting on the counter in the kitchen and that's just what they show. What other neglect are they not showing??? I get that she is a single mom but she made that choice. She was going to be a single mom whether or boyfriend died or not. I am so sick and tired of "single moms" looking for sympathy. Keep your legs closed and face the music.


OK "The old that knows" obviously doesnt know much. The reason the judge ruled in Farrahs favor is because Stormy hasnt had any prior visitation with sophia. Which is obviously Farrahs fault considering how ignorant and dramatic she is on the show. Just think about the sh*t they dont show. You are ridiculous whomever you are. She treats her parents like absolute sh*t how do you think she treats other peoples parents. The only reason she met up with Kassy is because she wants money for sophia which i HOPE she uses for sophia. Farrah doesnt live in the real world, she lives in Farrah world and when people dont bow down to her, she breaks out that god awful face she makes when she cries and the tears start flowing. BOO HOO grow up and let sophia have ALL of her family, not the ones farrah wants in her life for now.


Alyssa your such an a--hole. First that woman stormy- is just selling her story for attendtion and money. Second it's the teen mom show not stormy's show and MTV does not need her or her kids for ratings....farrah and the teen mom girls have a following earning the second best rating behind jeer shore. Also you are not family or a court judge which by the way ruled in farrah's favor not to give stormy visitation because see is a evil person that has mental problems. Farrah is protecting Sophia from a person that is saying things against Sophia's mother and the baby has her real family loving her everyday which they have done since she was born- not a washed up want-a-be - no one should say nothing but facts - yes guess who I am........a very protective father and grandfather!


Everyone has to remember that for the first year of little Sophia's life.... Baby Daddy's Mama... didn't even acknowledge the existence of her. She all of a sudden wants to take custody of the child? The woman has issues, and seems to want to take control. I am hoping that she really does have good intentions, (after refusing to help Farrah with any way to get financial assistance for the baby)... and she wants to develop a sincere relationship the baby.

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