Jon Gosselin & Ellen Ross: Harassed at Taco Bell!

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It's tough being Jon Gosselin. Or the mediocre girl dating Jon Gosselin.

A trip to a Taco Bell turned into a Taco Hell of sorts for the lyin' Hawaiian and Ellen Ross after the Pennsylvania couple was recognized at the drive-thru.

Ross, his girlfriend since the spring, was so pissed at their treatment by the Lemoyne, Pa., restaurant's employees that she lodged an official complaint.

Jon Gosselin in Hospital

Can't Jon and Ellen grab some chalupas in peace?

She demanded that one of the employees concerned – “the one with the wrap around her head” – be fired. Like we said ... so it goes in the life of Jon.

On October 18, a server tried to gets some Jon Gosselin pictures with a cell phone, causing the increasingly publicity shy pair to become outraged.

They were apparently laughed at, openly mocked, ogled and harassed by the staff. Maybe Ellen Ross will reflect on this in her new advice column ...

Ross' complaint reads as such: "My boyfriend (Jon Gosselin from the reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8) and I came through to purchase dinner."

"When we pulled up to the window there were three girls inside and a man. The three girls noticed who Jon was as his phone rang and he answered (it was his attorney, coincidentally), they proceeded to laugh loudly and talk about him as if he weren't there they said 'OMG how funny, that's him OMG, say something to him say something.'"

"Jon put his car window up to avoid them. Every employee inside was gathered at the window staring and talking loudly about us. When we put the window back down to get our food, one employee (she had a wrap around her head) pulled out her cell phone and held it up to us to try and take a picture, while laughing at us."

"No one did or said anything to stop this. It was humiliating. We are sending a certified letter complaining about the manager's lack of professionalism and his obvious lack of control on his staff.  I also want to be put in touch with the owner, and I will go to corporate to file a complaint if this problem is not addressed properly." 

"I expect it to be resolved immediately since there is no excuse for your employees to make a spectacle out of us for their entertainment when they need to be doing their jobs, so instead they violated our privacy.  I surely hope this employee whom I see frequently (the one with the wrap) can be terminated immediately."

"Employees be terminated immediately or we will sue your company for taking pictures of us while we waited for our food. At this point we had already paid. I am extremely disgusted by this conduct. I have been a paying customer for years at this specific location and to your company in general. I do not deserve this." 

"Jon is a regular guy, living in the area, and does not try to stick out anymore. I expect this to be taken care of immediately. I plan to spread the word to friends, family, and neighbors to not eat at this store, or any others for that matter."

You tell the Bell, Ell. You tell the Bell.

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